Lincoln College

Book Grants

The College will refund 40% of the cost of books purchased for academic purposes, up to a maximum grant of £80.  The grants are made at the end of the academic year for purchases made during that year. Books included in the application must have been bought at the personal expense of the applicant between the application deadline in 2012 and the application deadline in 2013. In the case of students matriculating in Michaelmas 2012, the period is extended backwards to include books bought on the advice of tutors before coming into residence. Grants will be credited to Trinity Term battels.

Application forms must be completed and itemized receipts (indicating the name of the purchaser, and the title and cost of the book) attached. Application forms must be signed by the applicant and approved by the applicant's supervisor before submission.

Graduates should apply using this form which must be submitted to the Graduate Officer by Friday 6th week Trinity Term 2013. Note: graduates must still be liable for tuition fees to be eligible.

Undergraduates should apply using this form which must be submitted to the Academic Administrator by Friday of 5th week Trinity Term 2013.