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Lincoln College

Brownlee Junior Research Fellowship in Biomedical Sciences

Lincoln College proposes to elect a non-stipendiary Junior Research Fellow in the Biomedical Sciences from 1st February 2017, tenable for three years in the first instance, with the possibility of renewal for two further years.  The Fellowship is intended to provide a College affiliation for an early-career researcher and must be held in conjunction with a fully-funded research position at the University of Oxford in some branch of the biomedical sciences.

The Fellowship recognises the contribution to the treatment of haemophilia made by the “factor IX protein” patent originally filed in 1985, and licenced by BTG plc. The inventors of the patent devised a way of obtaining factor IX protein artificially from recombinant DNA constructs introduced into cell culture   [Anson DS Austen DEG & Brownlee GG (1985) Nature, 315, 683-685 and a subsequent contribution from Jones I M (unpublished)]. This enabled, from 1999, the commercial production of factor IX protein free of contamination by viruses such as HIV or Hepatitis C virus for the treatment of Haemophilia B patients.

The successful candidate will enjoy full Common Room rights, may apply to a College research fund, and will receive a nominal statutory sum of £200 per annum. Single-occupancy College accommodation may be offered, subject to availability, at a modest rent. The Fellow may have the opportunity to undertake some undergraduate teaching or graduate advising for the College but is under no obligation do so. Any such teaching or advising will be remunerated separately, at the standard rates. It is expected that the Fellow will be resident in Oxford for a significant proportion of the academic year and that he or she will take advantage of the opportunities presented to engage in the academic and social life of the College.

Further particulars and application forms may be downloaded here or obtained from the Academic Administrator, Lincoln College, Oxford, OX1 3DR, Tel: 01865 279801, fax: 01865 279802, e-mail:, to whom applications should be submitted by 1.00pm BST on 12th December 2016.   Application by email is preferred.