Lincoln College

Dining in Hall


Using your Alumni Dining Rights

Alumni are entitled to dine on High Table once a term, Sunday to Friday throughout full term, provided they are no longer students at the University. Sundays and Wednesdays are often the busier nights. Some days are reserved for Fellows only and the Domestic Bursary will always be ready to advise which they are.

People assemble in the Lower SCR from about 7pm for a drink and a chat and then process to High Table at 7.15pm (7.30pm on Sundays). A three-course dinner with coffee currently costs £22.30; this is slightly higher on a designated Guest Night or a Dessert Night. Aperitifs, wine and other drinks are charged additionally as consumed. Occasionally, it may not be possible to dine in due to special events.

Please note that High Table dining rights are for alumni only, and cannot be extended to guests or non-alumni spouses.

Bookings should be made via the Domestic Bursary on 01865 279 799, before 9.30am of the day you wish to dine, or, for Sunday dining, by 9.30am on the preceeding Friday.