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Professor Neil Barclay

Professor Neil Barclay studied biochemistry at Oxford. After a period in Sweden he moved to the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology as an MRC scientist until taking the EP Abraham Professorship of Chemical Pathology, from which post he retired in 2015. His research is centred on understanding the proteins at the surface of white blood cells. The approach is biochemical including structural analysis of the membrane proteins and their interactions. These proteins are important in controlling the immune system and ensuring that there is an optimal response in the right place and that the response is switched off when the pathogen has been removed. These proteins have less than exciting names such as CD200, CD200 receptor, CD47, and SIRP. However there is interest is using reagents that target these proteins as therapeutics in cancer and autoimmunity. Further details and publications are given on the Dunn School website (see opposite). He is a founder and chairman of Everest Biotech that produces reagents for the research community with the unusual feature that the production is centred in Kathmandu, Nepal. His non-research interests include travel, literature, jogging and writing childrens's stories (unpublished) and a novel.

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