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Professor Simon Gardner

Professor Simon Gardner

Hanbury Fellow, Professor and Tutor in Jurisprudence, Sub-Rector

Simon Gardner is a Professor of Law in the Oxford University Law Faculty, and has been a Law tutor at Lincoln since 1978. He has also undertaken many other roles within the college (including Sub-Rector, Dean, and Tutor for Admissions), and also within the faculty (including Chair of the Law Faculty Board, ie head of department, and Director of Graduate Studies responsible for the BCL and MJur programmes).

Simon works principally in the area of property law, and is an academic member of the Chancery Bar Association. He normally takes college tutorials (for which he has received a Teaching Excellence Award from the university) in Land Law, Trusts, and also Criminal Law, and gives university lectures in Land Law and Trusts. In recent years, his main research focus has been on the law surrounding unmarried couples' rights in their family homes, and the other kinds of informal arrangements which people sometimes make for the use of land. As well as numerous articles in these and other fields, he is the author of An Introduction to the Law of Trusts (3rd edition, 2011, Oxford University Press), and An Introduction to Land Law (3rd edition, 2012, Hart Publishing, with Emily MacKenzie). For a full list of publications, see

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