E. P. Abraham Professor of Chemical Pathology
University Reader, Langford Fellow and Tutor in History
Domestic Bursar
Tutor in Physics
Professor and Tutor in European Politics
Tutor in Chemistry
Senior Tutor
Nuffield Research Fellow, Tutor in Physiology and Pharmacology, Senior Dean
Tutor in Jurisprudence
Professor of Pathology
Hanbury Fellow, Tutor in Jurisprudence
V. H. H. Green Fellow, Tutor in History
Darby Fellow in History
Development Director
Shaw Foundation Fellow in Law
Professor and Tutor in Engineering Science, and Sub-Rector
Career Development Fellow in Economics
Sohmer Fellow, Tutor in English Literature
Tutor in English Literature
Fellow, Tutor in French
Newton-Abraham Visiting Professor in Medical, Biological and Chemical Sciences
Fellow, Tutor in Spanish
Reader and Tutor in Engineering Science
Brownlee-Abraham Professor of Molecular Biology
César Milstein Professor of Molecular Cancer Biology
Lincoln Professor of Classical Archaeology and Art, Fellow Librarian and Archivist
Tutor in Classical Archaeology and Art
Professor and Tutor in Economics
Darby Fellow in Applied Mathematics
Tutor in Biochemistry
Nuffield Research Fellow in Pathology and Tutor in Medicine
Tutor in Applied Mathematics
Tutorial Fellow in Pure Mathematics
DAAD-Montgomery Fellow, Tutor in German Studies
Simon and June Li Fellow in the Humanities, Darby Fellow, Tutor in English
GlaxoSmithKline Fellow, Tutor in Chemistry

Research Fellows

E. P. Abraham Senior Research Fellow, Professor of Pathology
Senior Research Fellow in Business Studies
Oakeshott Senior Research Fellow
Lord Crewe Junior Research Fellow in Music
T. O. Ogunlesi Senior Research Fellow, Professor of Medical Oncology
Senior Research Fellow in Statistical Genomics, Professor of Statistics
Senior Research Fellow in Mathematics, Professor of Mathematics
BTG Junior Research Fellow in Biomedical Sciences
Shuffrey Junior Research Fellow in Architectural History
Shuffrey Junior Research Fellow in Architectural History
British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellow and Oakeshott Junior Research Fellow in English Literature


Lecturer in Biochemistry
Lecturer in Psychology
Lecturer in Engineering
Lecturer in Medicine
German Lektorin
Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry
Stipendiary Lecturer in Pure Mathematics
Stipendiary Lecturer in Physics
Lecturer in Philosophy
Lecturer in Physics
Lecturer in Philosophy
Lecturer in Ancient History


College Chaplain and Welfare Officer

Other Fellows

Junior Dean

Fleming Fellows

Murray Fellows

Supernumerary Fellows

Professor and Tutor in Physics