Lincoln College

Computer Usage

Lincoln College commits to abide by the Collegiate University's rules applied to the use of computer and network facilities.

Code of Practice
The rules governing computer usage are intended to prevent unacceptable and illegal behaviour, misuse, and infringement of licence terms. The College regards misuse of computing facilities as a serious matter which may warrant disciplinary proceedings (and may also result in legal proceedings under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and any other relevant legislation).

Examples of misuse and unacceptable behaviour: include but are not limited to:
-  attempting to gain unauthorised access to a facility
-  using someone else's username and/or password
- giving your username to someone else to use and/or disclosing your password to someone else  and/or being otherwise careless with your password
- disregarding the privacy of other people's files
- generating messages which appear to originate with someone else, or otherwise attempting to  impersonate someone else.
- displaying offensive material in a public place
- generating, sending or receiving pornographic material
- trying to interfere with someone else's use of the facilities
- disregard for 'computer etiquette'
- sending chain e:mail
-  being wasteful of computer resources
-  software piracy (including infringement of software licence or copyright provisions)
-  using computing facilities for commercial gain without explicit authorization
-  physically damaging or otherwise interfering with facilities.

If you have any questions regarding the use of computer facilities at College please contact the IT Office.

Inappropriate network use causes many problems for the College, ranging from minor distractions to legal claims against the College, and so anyone found to be misusing either facility will be disciplined. The disciplinary procedure will apply.

College members and employees should only use legally obtained, commercially available software.  Private or illegal copies, and software of unknown origin, should not be used.  Software should not be brought from home into the office.

All questions regarding the use of computer facilities at College should be directed in the first instance to the IT Manager, then to the Bursary.