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Lincoln College

General Complaints and Appeals Procedures

It is always hoped that disagreements between College Officers/Staff and Junior Members can be settled amicably and in accordance with regular procedures.  Where the disagreements are such as not to allow easy resolution, the College has a procedure for the hearing of complaints with a view to resolving matters quickly and to the satisfaction of all concerned. 

The Complaints and Appeals Procedure outlined below is intended to be followed where there are disagreements regarding:

- Domestic matters (i.e. accommodation, including allocation of rooms and catering)
- Financial matters (i.e. battels for fees and domestic charges)
- Distribution of hardship funds
- Complaints against College staff

(Note that separate procedures exist for cases relating to Academic Discipline and to Discipline in cases of student misbehaviour. The present Procedure is consistent broadly with these other two. These other two procedures are described in detail elsewhere.)

Where one of the issues described above cannot be resolved informally, the Junior Member may make a case to an Appeals Committee, consisting of the Sub-Rector, a representative of the Deans and up to two other Fellows, not being the Junior Member's tutor or College advisor.  The Junior Member will be given the opportunity to bring forward material considerations and mitigating circumstances.  He/she will be allowed to take advice in advance of the hearing and may be adequately represented at the hearing itself, being given the chance either to make a written submission, or, if he/she prefers, to appear him/herself before the Committee.  The Junior Member is in the latter case, offered the possibility of being accompanied by the person of his or her choice.  Along with the Junior Member and his or her representative, the subject tutor and any officer involved in the presentation of the case against the student's appeal will where relevant withdraw before a decision is made.  The Committee's decision will be conveyed in writing to the Governing Body.  The Committee's written decision will include all the relevant facts.  A copy of it will be given to the Junior Member.

The decision of the Appeals Committee will be reviewed by the Governing Body.  The Junior Member may appeal against the Appeals Committee's decision in a written submission to the Governing Body.  In addition, he/she may either appear in person before the Governing Body (in which event he/she may be accompanied by a person of his/her choice), or also ask a Fellow or other representative to speak on his/her behalf at the meeting. Whether or not the Junior Member chooses to appeal to Governing Body at this time, all members of the Appeals Committee should withdraw for Governing Body's deliberations and decision.  The Rector shall convey the decision of the Governing Body to the Junior Member in writing within two days.

If the Junior Member wishes to appeal against the determination of the Governing Body, he/she may do so to the Appeal Tribunal of the Conference of Colleges, of which Lincoln is a member.  The appellant shall file such an appeal with the secretariat of the Conference of Colleges within five days of the Governing Body's determination.