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Lincoln College

Recognising Your Gift


Every gift to the College, regardless of size, is important to us, as we appreciate the support of all our donors.  Therefore we have a number of layers of recognition and thanks for everyone who makes a gift to the College.


Lapel Pins

Everyone making a gift to the Living Lincoln campaign will receive a donor lapel pin.  We hope that alumni will be proud to wear these on many occasions, but particularly during Donor Pin Week in September every year.


Honour Roll of Donors

All donors over the course of an academic year are listed in the Record.  This is both to act as recognition visible to all the College community, but also to form part of our permanent archives. 


Benefactors' Book

The Benefactors' Book will record the names of all donors making a gift of over £1,000 to the Living Lincoln campaign.  This will be on display in the College. 


Rotherham Circle

The Rotherham Circle recognises those making an annual gift to the College of £1,333 or more for at least three consecutive years.  Donors are invited to an annual luncheon, with a guest, to hear College updates and in particular to see the projects that their generosity has helped to fund.


Murray Society

The Murray Society is for all those who have pledged to leave money in their will to the College.  They meet twice a year for events in College and elsewhere.


Major Donors

For major donors, there are additional levels of recognition such as the naming of scholarships & bursaries and teaching posts, when a gift is made to endow them in perpetuity or fund them fully for three years. Room naming opportunities are also available, please contact our Director of Development to discuss further.