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Lincoln College

Safeguarding our Fellowship

Living Lincoln: Safeguarding our Fellowship

The tutorial system is a unique privilege, treasured by all Oxford students, past and present. It is part of our historic tradition of excellence and integral to the academic life of Lincoln College.

Our Tutorial Fellows are at the heart of the Lincoln experience, combining their commitment to teaching with world class scholarship and research.

Today the tutorial system is under threat as never before. Direct government funding has been reduced over the past decade, and from 2012 will be reduced still further. Tuition fees paid directly by students will replace some of this funding, but will not address the gap of around £8,000 per undergraduate per year.

Further, most tutorial posts are jointly funded by the College and the University. In general this works well, but in recent years we have faced unenviable choices when Fellows retire or move on; in these cases, the University may decide to withdraw its funding, leaving the College to fund the post in its entirety.

Our goal in Living Lincoln is to safeguard the Tutorial Fellowship by fully funding our core subject areas. We are also collaborating with the University to endow posts in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History and the Langford Fellowship in History.

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