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Lincoln College

Thalia Jones - Modern Languages

4th year undergraduate reading French and German. 

The moment I turned off Turl Street and stepped into Lincoln College, I knew that it was the one for me.  Not intimidatingly sprawling like some of the other colleges I had seen, the atmosphere at Lincoln buzzed with warmth and welcoming smiles.  It seemed that the people of Lincoln, both staff and students, were more forthcoming, each being a valuable piece of the community jigsaw into which they were all eager to welcome new faces.  This first impression of the college atmosphere was shared by my fellow pupils and sixth-form staff with whom I was touring the university.  The community spirit has certainly held true ever since and is, for me, one of the best aspects of life as a student at Lincoln College, what with the friendships I have formed here.

Life as a linguist is far from dull. The varied methods of teaching on offer make for an inspiringly colourful timetable, from one-on-one literature tutorials to group discussions in the foreign language. The tutorial system in particular is highly rewarding as it allows for the relevant subject matter to be explored in depth and for all potential questions to be considered and discussed. Contrary to what I expected of the system, the tutorials were far from daunting and instead became an occasion to challenge my imagination, put forward my opinions and pose any questions I might have on the subject. And what better time to have a question answered than during a tutorial with an expert in the field! Furthermore, the opportunity to take a Year Abroad as an integral part of the course is, without a doubt, one worth having, not only with respect to improving language skills but also to immersing oneself in the adventure of exploring a new culture.

Nevertheless, life as a student at Lincoln College is not only about study.  I will often socialise with friends at the hub of college that is Deep Hall, the college bar, or out and about in Oxford at the various pubs, restaurants and clubs. Otherwise I might be making use of the University gym or getting involved with the girls' college football team.

All in all, it is the spirit of Lincoln College which grants each and every member a feeling of belonging and which allows the college to shine with a welcoming warmth. Certainly the only way to discover this unique community buzz is to experience it for yourself!