Lincoln College


The 2013 Telethon took place between 23rd September and 6th October. Our enthusiastic group of callers called a selection of our alumni worldwide to update them on College news and events, find out about what they have been doing since leaving Lincoln, and ask them to support our Annual Appeal. 

Facts and Figures: 

£205,873 received

£31,073 outstanding

356 gifts

Below you can see details about the callers that took part in this year's Telethon:

Billy Saundry

Hi. My name's Billy, I'm a second year studying maths at Lincoln College. I live near Preston in Lancashire, though am originally from Leeds. I am a keen follower of rugby league and have played the game since I was little. In my free time, I enjoy socialising with friends, reading, and listening to music. I don't have any firm ambitions for a career, though I think something science-related would be fascinating. I'm excited about taking part in the Lincoln College telethon this year, it will be an interesting experience and I look forward to speaking to a variety of different people.

Mark Spiller

Hi, I’m Mark. I’m a second year Law student from Berkshire. Since coming up to Oxford last year, I have become involved in all aspects of Lincoln society, particularly rowing, competing in the Torpid and Summer Eight Regattas. As well as this, I am also a keen skier and am the Lincoln Varsity Ski Trip Rep for 2013. Also, I share the Presidency of the Lincoln Law Society, helping the college gain vital connections with both city law firms and chambers. I am certain that I wish to pursue a career in law, whether a city law firm or the bar however, I’m not yet quite sure! I’m participating in the Lincoln Telethon because I am so aware of the advantages that the telethon brings to Lincoln life, supporting many worthwhile causes. For instance, the funds that are raised go towards things from bursaries and funds, to helping support the numerous sporting clubs and societies within Lincoln.

Dominik Kurzeja

Hello I’m Dominik and I'm a second year reading Medicine from Warwickshire: born and raised in Kenilworth, schooled in Stratford-upon Avon. I am doing the telethon because I want to talk to alumni about their lives and careers after Lincoln, and also to help raise money to keep the College the great place it is to live and learn. I love to read and act. I play on the College's hockey team and also play violin. In the future I want to go into paediatrics, and my dream job would be to work at Great Ormond Street.

Aashna Bhushan

My name is Aashna Bhushan, I'm studying History, and this October, I will be starting the second year of my degree. I'm originally from India, but have lived in various countries before moving to England at the age of seven. I now live in Kingston upon Thames. Outside of academic life, I'm an active member of the university's Karate club and I also participate frequently in the university's Women's Campaign. My other interests range from trekking to reading fantasy fiction. Being a historian, I think it's safe to say that I didn't choose my degree because it led naturally into a specific vocation. I don't quite have an idea of what I want to do with my life after Oxford, but I am looking into getting some experience in publishing, specifically editorial work. I wanted to take part in the telethon this year because I think that not only is it a great way to give back to the college community, but it is also a brilliant opportunity to find out what people have been doing since leaving Lincoln. 

Xavier Droux

Hello, I am Xavier and I have been a graduate student at Lincoln College since 2007. I came to Oxford thanks to a Berrow Scholar to write a DPhil on animals in Predynastic Egypt. My research gives me the opportunity to spend some time on excavation in Egypt every year. However, I have been as involved in College life as possible. Apart from regularly attending MCR events, I was as a Social Secretary for a year, before being elected MCR President.  During my time in Oxford, I have also worked at the Ashmolean Museum on the redevelopment of the galleries dedicated to Egypt and Nubia and, among other activities, taken part in the Oxford Blind Wine Tasting Society. But my main point of focus remains Lincoln College, and its great MCR.

Klara Slater

My name is Klara and I am from Tunbridge Wells in Kent and am about to begin my second year at Lincoln studying PPE. I am enjoying my degree even more than I hoped and my career ambitions currently remain very open! When I am not studying, I enjoy running and am hoping to run a Half Marathon later this year. My other interests include tennis, squash and travelling. I applied to be part of the telethon team because I am having an incredible time at Lincoln, very proud of the college and interested to share experiences with alumni.

Fern Lai

Hello, my name is Fern and I am just going into my second year studying maths. When I'm at home in Kent, I like to relax by knitting, cooking and spending time with my cat, Jeeves. My love for food is the reason I undertook the position of Food and Drink Officer for the Lincoln College Ball next year! Ideally, I would like a career helping either charity or the environment - which is why I am on the Oxford University Raise and Give Committee and I am also the newly elected Environmental Steward for Lincoln. I'm looking for donations for Lincoln College so that we can keep up to date and prove that Oxford is traditional AND modern.

Hannah Hodson

I'm Hannah, a second year Undergraduate studying Chemistry. During my first year at Lincoln I have mainly been involved in rowing with W3 and coxing various men's boats. Excitingly, I was lucky enough to get the chance to both row and cox in Summer VIIIs, which I thoroughly enjoyed and am looking forward to continuing this next term. My other interests include playing piano, mostly in vacations when I have the time! Looking to the future, I have not yet decided on an exact career path but am hoping to undertake internships and work experience in different areas over the next year to gain a better insight into careers I am interested in. During the Telethon, as well as taking the opportunity to learn from the experiences of former Lincoln students, I also hope I can provide an update on what's going on around college more recently and bring back some memories of your time here!

Thomas Frost

Hi there, I'm Thomas and I've just finished my first year of medicine at Lincoln. As this year's Captain of Men's Rowing, I've spent most of the past two terms running between morning ergs, handing in essays, and finding time to socialise with friends in the meantime... in other words, I like to be busy! I'm excited to be part of the telethon this year, and look forward to being part of something that already has an established reputation for improving student life at Lincoln each year – with some of my close friends joining me, we're counting on this round of the Telethon being just as successful.

Jenny Metcalfe

Hello, my name is Jenny Metcalfe and I am a second year student studying English. I have really loved my time at Lincoln and have tried to be involved with as much of college life as possible. As current secretary of the JCR I am highly involved with the activity of the undergraduates all year round. I organise the half-way hall and finalist dinners for the second years and finalists, book the photographers for the Matriculation and JCR Trinity photos and do the simple things which keep everyone happy, like sending out the hall menu every week! When not reading or sending countless emails I row for Lincoln. I represented the women’s first boat at Torpids and had an excellent Summer 8s with W2. I have also competed in Bedford Regatta and really enjoyed representing Lincoln outside of the university.  In the future, I would love to be involved in the literary industry. I have an internship in a publishing house over August but I’m also looking at masters courses with a dream of staying in academia. I’m really looking forward to helping Lincoln with the telethon this September. Lincoln has offered me so much over these two years and I want to ensure that college continues to be able to support its students well into the future.

Victoria Pearce

I’m studying for an MSt in English and American Studies, and I did my undergraduate degree in English Language and Literature. I’m interested in books, film, and writing and I’m hoping to spend next year gaining some work experience in teaching and journalism. I’m looking forward to talking to some Lincoln alumni about their own career choices and experiences.

Michael Skidmore

My name is Michael Skidmore and I am entering my second year as a music student at Lincoln. My principle instrument is the tuba and as a result I have the opportunity to play in many of the university's major ensembles such as the main orchestra and the wind orchestra. Within college I am the president of Lincoln College Music Society, an ever expanding group that aims to improve musical life within Lincoln by arranging recitals and concerts as well as promoting the activities of ensembles formed within college. In addition to musical activities I participate heavily in college rowing, coxing our W1 and rowing for M2, serving on the LCBC committee as the Captain of Coxes. I hope to take coxing to a higher level next year and am currently taking part in the OULRC Development Squad. I am also part of the Lincoln College Sailing Team, racing to success in this year's sailing cuppers, which was able to purchase essential kit through the help of the Old Member's Annual Fund. As of yet I have no particular career ambitions but I am heavily interested in the field of ethnomusicology and am potentially aiming to engage in some minor field work in the summer of 2014. The reason that I am working for the telethon is to improve life within college through the funding of extracurricular activities, as I have already experienced through the funding of the Sailing Team.