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Increased Number of First Time Donors

Increased Number of First Time Donors

24 Apr 2018
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One aim of our new Campaign, the Road to 2027, is to increase participation and engagement with alumni, and we believe that new initiatives such as '#GivingTuesday' and giving through crowdfunding are achieving just that. 242 alumni have made first time gifts since the inception of the Campaign in March 2017. This compares to 60 first time donors in the previous year. We were thrilled to raise £50,000 in one week thanks to a challenge gift from Jason Chang '06 in response to #GivingTuesday. 

In 2016 we became the first institution in the UK to adopt GiveCampus, a digital fundraising platform for schools and universities. The first campaign we ran on the platform was for the David Goldey Scholarship in Politics. Over £55,000 was raised by 46 donors on GiveCampus, thanks in part to generous matched giving. Matched giving is a very effective method of fundraising, with research showing that the promise of a gift being doubled can encourage donors to give up to 2.5 times more to charity than they usually would.

We are grateful to all those who have made a donation to Lincoln, whether through GiveCampus, Giving Tuesday, or one of our more traditional fundraising appeals. Your support has been invaluable, with gifts of all sizes having a huge impact on life at Lincoln.