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MCR Lord Florey talk

MCR Lord Florey talk

19 Nov 2018
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The next MCR Lord Florey Talk will take place on Monday 19th November 2018.

Sebastian Brunemeier will be presenting on 'Geroscience: Reversing Aging with Biotechnology', and will explore the most recent scientific advancements into the expansion of healthy life span. Sebastian is a geroscientist at Oxford and Venture Fellow at Apollo Ventures, the largest global aging-focused venture fund. He will describe recent advances in the field of 'geroscience,' concerned with understanding how aging causes disease and mechanisms for rejuvenation in model organisms. Aging is the root cause and primary risk factor for the most common modern diseases, and the aging process has repeatedly been demonstrated to be partially reversible in animal models (including by senescent cell ablation and caloric restriction mimetics).

Geroscience is positioned to become a major new field of biomedical science, and has been backed by Google's California Life Company (Calico) with a $2B budget to focus on aging, as well as J. Craig Venter with Human Longevity Inc., and prominent VCs and biopharma firms. 

The talk, organised by the MCR Academic team, will begin in the MCR at 8pm and last for 30-40 minutes. A Q&A session will follow. Drinks will be provided. 

Open to all.