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Lincoln College


A room has been reserved for you in College - for Freshers these are allocated at random. All fresher rooms are single occupancy and ensuite, and have a single bed, easy chair, desk, desk chair, bookcase, wardrobe, drawers/shelving, waste bin, pin board, curtains/blinds, wifi and an ethernet connection (ethernet cables can be purchased from the Lodge). You need to bring your own bedding and bed linen (duvet, pillows, duvet covers, pillowcases and towels), and a desk lamp should you want one. You may also bring a kettle and a very small fridge if you absolutely need to (but you must take it home with you each vacation - please refer to the Student Handbook). Every electrical appliance must carry the appropriate British Standard number or Kitemark. The plug must also carry BS number 1363, be of the safety sleeve type, and be correctly fused for the appliance. Flexible cables must be in good condition and not worn, perished, split, stretched or twisted. Any electrical appliances over two years old must be tested by a qualified electrician and certified as fit for use - this can be organised through the Domestic Bursary on arrival. Toasters, microwaves and heaters are not allowed (there are fridge freezers in communal areas where space permits).  

Please bring personal things to make yourself feel at home, but students must not smoke or light candles or joss-sticks (huge fire risk) or use blu-tak or sticky tape (wrecks the walls). You will be charged if walls are damanged during your stay. You will sign a tenancy agreement on arrival - here's a sample. Undergraduate freshers will be charged rent of £162.40 per week.

There are several laundries around the College with washing machines and dryers. To use them students need to buy a laundry card from the Accounts Office (£5) - this is then topped up online. Each load costs c.£1.50. Ironing facilities are also available. The College's housekeeping team (known as 'scouts') will empty your bin, and clean communal areas/bathrooms/en suites, so they must enter your room once a week.

The College has arranged a blanket policy to provide insurance for the personal possessions of students living in College accommodation. The policy schedule can be found here. The scheme costs about £10 and this charge will be added to your battels. Students must take reasonable precautions against loss and theft, and should never leave their door unlocked.