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Lincoln College

Aron of Pesaro

Aron of Pesaro, Sefer Toledot Aharon (Freiburg im Breisgau, 1586).

Sefer Toledot Aharon (The Book of the Generations of Aron) is a concordance of biblical passages in the Babylonian Talmud that have been arranged in the order of the Bible. Latin parallel title of the book is Index locupletissimus omnium locorum, in toto Thalmutico opere de sacris Biblijs compraehensorum, summo studio & fidelitate collectus. This book was written by an Italian scholar and businessman Aron of Pesaro (d. 1563) who flourished in the sixteenth century at Pesaro, Italy. The first edition was printed in 1586 at Freiburg im Breisgau  by Israel Zifroni (son of Daniel), a wandering master-workman. Since then this index is often found in rabbinic Bibles in an abbreviated form.

The book comes to the Lincoln College Library from the collection of Richard Kilby; his signature rk, Kilbiye can be found on the recto of the front flyleaf. Richard Kilby/Kilbye (1560-1620) was an English churchman and scholar; since 1590 Rector of Lincoln College in Oxford and in 1610 he was appointed Regius Professor of Hebrew. Kilby is also important for his involvement in King James Hebrew Bible translation.

This copy is interesting for the list of Talmudic references written on the book’s pastedowns in Kilby’s hand. The binding is characteristic of books from Kilby’s collection: 16th century Oxford calf over wooden boards; with centrepiece ornament, blind fillets and fleurons; with early English prints used as binding waste on pastedowns; sewn on six supports; there are remains of leather ties and evidence of chaining (staple holes towards edge of lower and upper fore-edge).


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