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Lincoln College

Borrowing Books

  • You can borrow books via the Self-Issue machine at any time.
  • You can borrow up to 20 books.
  • Loan period during term is 14 days: loan period during vacations is the whole of the vacation.
  • Vacation borrowing begins on Monday of 8th Week each term and Vacation loans are due back on Monday of 1st Week each term.
  • You can renew books remotely (e.g. online using SOLO or by email) up to 3 times; after that you must bring the book back during office hours to be checked in before it can be borrowed again.
  • 3 Reminder notices are sent out: one a day before the due date, one 2 days after the due date and one 7 days after the due date. Please respond promptly to avoid being added to the blacklist! It is better to contact library staff to explain if you have any difficulties in returning books, rather than to ignore reminders. You may be liable to receive a fine from the Senior Dean, if you persistently ignore reminders to return your loans.
  • The Library charges for loaned books that are lost.
  • Books are borrowed for your personal use only; it is strictly forbidden to borrow books on behalf of others, especially if they are not members of Lincoln College.









Using the Self-issue Machine

  • Place your University Card face up on the right-hand slope of the V-shaped cradle, with the photograph on the left-hand side.
  • Slide the University card up so the red laser reads the barcode. The screen says "Checking account - please remove your library card." when it has successfully read the barcode.
  • Remove the card from the cradle and place the book you wish to check out in the cradle with the front cover facing you.
  • Open the cover and slide the book slowly up under the red laser so that it reads the barcode at the top of the fly-leaf. Do not remove until you hear the clunk which tells you that the machine has de-tagged the book, or you will trigger the Library alarm when you leave the Library. Make sure to have the spine of the book right up against the cradle to ensure the book is properly de-tagged.
  • Continue with subsequent books.
  • When you have finished checking your books out, press either "Email receipt" or "Print receipt" on the screen.The receipt tells you when the books are due back.

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Self-Issue Not Working?

If self-issue doesn't work, this is usually for one of four reasons:

  1. Your University Card may not be registered for this Library yet: in which case, contact a member of library staff who will be able to register you.
  1. You are trying to borrow a confined copy of the book.These may only be used in the Library.
  1. You may have had your account placed on Admin Hold because you have exceeded the fines limit of one of the University libraries. If so, you need to pay off some of the fine at that Library in order to resume using self-issue. Lincoln Library staff can tell you which Library it is if you are uncertain. Lincoln Library staff can issue the books for you during office hours.
  2. The self-issue machine may not be working or out of order. Please let Library staff know during office hours or the Lodge staff know at other times (dial 79800 from the telephone on the issue desk) and they can restart the machine to try to fix it.If the Lodge are unsuccessful, please make a note of any books you are removing from the Library in the blue Alarm Folder on the issue desk, making sure to include the book barcodes. You will need to bring the items in during office hours to have them de-tagged.

Returning Books

Please return borrowed Library books as soon as you have finished with them by placing them spine first in the book return bins in the Assistant Librarian's desk at the Library entrance. Books consulted in the Library but not checked out should be placed on the trolley in the Upper Library for re-shelving or left on the desk.


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