Dr Otto Saumarez Smith

Dr Otto Saumarez Smith

Shuffrey Junior Research Fellow in Architectural History

Otto Saumarez Smith is Shuffrey Junior Research Fellow in Architectural History. He is currently researching the redevelopment of British city centres in the 1960s. Before coming to Lincoln he studied for a PhD at St John’s College, Cambridge.

Key Publications

‘Robinson College and the Twilight of a Collegiate Modernism, 1974-1981’ in Architectural History (2012), pp. 369-402. Winner of the Society of Architectural Historian’s 2011 Hawksmoor Essay Medal

‘A Strange Brutalist Primitive Hut: Howell, Killick, Partridge and Amis’ Senior Combination Room, Cambridge’ in Twentieth Century Architecture 11: Oxford and Cambridge, ed. Alan Powers, Elain Harwood and Otto Saumarez Smith (London: The Twentieth Century Society, 2013) pp. 150- 161

‘Graeme Shankland. A Sixties Architect-Planner and Political Culture of the British Left’, Architectural History, (2014) pp. 393-422

 ‘Central Government and Town Centre Redevelopment in Britain, 1959-1966’. Historical Journal, 58.1 (2015), pp. 217-244

‘The Inner City Crisis and the End of Modernism in 1970s Britain’, Twentieth Century British History (2016)

Barbican: Life, History, Architecture, ed. Jane Alison and Anna Ferrari (London: Barbican Art Gallery, 2014)

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