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Dr Felix Tennie

Dr Felix Tennie

Lecturer in Physics

Felix Tennie read for degrees in Physics and Mathematics at the Universities of Hamburg and Cambridge. In Oxford he recently obtained his DPhil working in the group of Prof. Vlatko Vedral on the influence of Fermionic Statistics beyond the Pauli Exclusion principle. He now continues his research as a postdoc working with Prof. Vlatko Vedral and Dr. Christian Schilling.

Felix’ research interest lies in various fields of Physics, such as Geometrical Theories of Gravitation, Quantum Information and Entanglement Theory, Fermionic Statistics and Generalised Pauli Constraints. In the later one, it is particularly focused on quantifying the physical significance of the many-fermion antisymmetry beyond the Pauli principle. The task to identify sufficient and necessary conditions of the one- and two-particle reduced information of a quantum state of indistinguishable particles is also known as the N-representability problem, which is a specific type of a quantum marginal problem.

In addition to being interested in Natural Science, Felix is also a professional pianist and conductor. 

As a Physics lecturer at Lincoln he currently teaches Relativity and Symmetry as well as Atomic and Molecular Quantum Physics for third year students. 
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