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Dr Jody LaPorte

Dr Jody LaPorte

Gonticas Fellow in Politics and International Relations

I am a Tutorial Fellow at Lincoln College, where I hold the Gonticas Fellowship in Politics and International Relations. I completed my undergraduate degree at Yale University (B.A. in Russian and East European Studies) and my graduate degree at the University of California, Berkeley (M.A., Ph.D. in Political Science). I joined Lincoln in 2017, after previous lectureships at the Blavatnik School of Government and St. Hilda’s College.

My research centers on the dynamics of politics and policymaking in non-democratic regimes, with a regional focus on post-Soviet Eurasia. I am particularly interested in how domestic and foreign pressures—including patterns of corruption, institutional legacies, and contemporary human rights norms—shape political outcomes. My current book manuscript examines the politics of highly corrupt regimes. I find that across the post-Soviet kleptocracies, the sources of rulers’ illegal revenue influences the policies that they pursue. I also maintain an active research agenda in the area of qualitative and case study research methods.

At Lincoln, I serve as Director of Studies for PPE. I also teach tutorials for a range of subjects, including Comparative Government, International Relations, and Politics in Russia and the Former Soviet Union.


Selected Publications

“Foreign versus Domestic Bribery: Explaining Repression in Kleptocratic Regimes,” Comparative Politics, 50:1 (October 2017): 83-102

“Hidden in Plain Sight: Political Opposition and Hegemonic Authoritarianism in Azerbaijan,” Post-Soviet Affairs, 31:4 (April 2015): 339-366.

 “Confronting a Crisis of Research Design,” PS: Political Science & Politics, 47:2 (April 2014): 414-417.  Reprinted in special issue, “Navigating the Profession,” (February 2016).

“Putting Typologies to Work: Concept-Formation, Measurement, and Analytic Rigor” (with David Collier and Jason Seawright), Political Research Quarterly, 65:1 (March 2012): 217-232.

“What is the Leninist Legacy?  Assessing Twenty Years of Scholarship” (with Danielle Lussier), Slavic Review, 70:3 (Fall 2011): 637-654.

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