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Professor Roland Smith, FBA

Professor Roland Smith, FBA

Lincoln Professor of Classical Archaeology and Art

Academic profile


Smith comes from Edinburgh and studied Classics and then Classical Archaeology at Oxford. He was a Fellow by Examination in Ancient History at Magdalen College, Oxford (1981-1986), a Harkness Fellow at Princeton University (1983-85), and an Alexander von Humbolt Fellow at the Institut fuer Klassische Archaeologie in Munich (1991-2).

He taught Hellenistic and Roman art at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University from 1986, before coming to Lincoln in 1995. He is a member of the Faculty of Classics and of the School of Archaeology and lectures on classical art and archaeology.  He is also the Curator of the Cast Gallery of the Ashmolean Museum and (since 1991) Project Director of the New York University Excavations at Aphrodisias in Turkey:

Research interests
Smith's main research interests are in the art and visual cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world. His work is mainly directed at the historical interpretation of ancient visual representation and its relationship with contemporary social and political culture. In connection with his work at Aphrodisias he has a particular interest in the art and archaeology of the Greek cities of the Eastern Roman Empire. He has been engaged in the study and publication of the new marble finds from Aphrodisias since 1985. He had a British Academy/ Philip Leverhulme Senior Research Fellowship in 2007-8 for aspects of this work, and with the historian Bryan Ward-Perkins has been awarded an Art and Humanities Research Council grant for a project titled 'The Last Statues of Antiquity' (for three years, starting in 2009) to investigate the distinctive character of statue use in late antiquity from AD 284 to 650: .

Principal and recent publications
Books and monographs
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Aphrodisias Papers 3 (Ed. with C. Roueche, Michigan, 1996)

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