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Lincoln College

Fern Lai - Maths

2nd year Mathematics undergraduate

Lincoln has a reputation for being ‘small and friendly’. There are 90 people in my year (which makes us a small college) and I got to know them all very quickly. There are also loads of people in other years which I’m good friends with. I really think I spend a lot of time each day bumping into people around Lincoln and having a chat.

Lincoln is a great college for studying maths. We have four tutors (two pure and two applied) which means we get loads of support through the course. Colleges do vary in the number of tutorials they give you and who your tutorials are with – it could be a tutor or a graduate student. Our maths tutors are very committed to our education and as a result there is a high quality of teaching at Lincoln. This is so important because the maths course is very challenging! Having understanding and supporting tutors make all the difference.

I have involved myself in so many other things outside of maths. I’m not particularly sporty (though I did try rowing and I was actually not bad at it) – but there are plenty of other things to do. The JCR offers loads of elected positions and I have been part of the ‘Entz Team’ and also been the ‘Environment and Ethics Rep’. Beyond Lincoln I am a part of Oxford Raise and Give – which has been a good way of getting to know people from other colleges. It all keeps me very busy but I love all my extra commitments.

The second year accommodation has got to be an experience which is totally unique to Lincoln College. Almost all students in one year live in one building called ‘The Mitre’ which is above the shops on Turl Street. It is a suspiciously wonky maze of a building which is definitely in need of a makeover. But being able to walk to anyone’s bedroom in your slippers does make it very fun.