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Lincoln College

Lincoln Bursaries

With the generous support of Alumni and friends of the College, Lincoln is able to provide a number of substantial bursaries for students from lower-income households who are normally resident in the United Kingdom and who are in receipt of an Oxford Bursary.

There is no application form to fill in for these awards. Eligible candidates are identified by the College's Sudent Support and Hardship Panel, using information on household income assessment provided by the regional student loan organisations. In making the awards, the College will take into account a range of factors in addition to household income. Priority will be given to students who have been educated at schools with below-average performance at GCSE and/or A-level or with little history of sending their students to Oxford,  or who live in area with lower average incomes or lower participation rates in higher education.

In most cases, the awards can renewed each year until the end of the student's undergraduate course.

The Cuthbert Bursaries: £1000 per annum. Up to sixteen awards can be made in each year.

The Kingsgate Bursaries: £1000 per annum.Up to three awards can be made in each year.

The Bearley Bursary: £1000 per annum

The Henrey Bursary: £1000 per annum.  Awarded to an undergraduate following a humanities course.

The Millerchip Bursary: £1000 per annum. Preference may be given to undergraduates normally resident in Coventry/ the Midlands.

The Featherstone Bursary: £750 per annum. Awarded to a student reading Law.

The Richard Finn Award: £700 per annum. Awarded to a student reading PPE.

Lord Crewe Major Bursaries: £3500 or £7000 per annum, according to need. For undergraduates normally resident in the North East of England or Lincolnshire. A  number of smaller Crewe Bursaries may also be awarded in each year to undergaduates resident elsewhere who are in financial need.

Bursaries for Special Purposes:

The Blackstaffe Bursary (£400), is awarded each year to an undergraduate who has been obliged to incur additional expenditure in order to meet the academic requirments of their course ( eg extended terms, compulsory fieldwork, compulsory travel)

The Mary Kift Awards: one or more awards are made each year (to a combined total of £600)  to support undergraduates in need of additional support to complete their course requirements.

Lord Crewe Finalists grants (£250). Several awards are available each year to assist undergraduates remaining in Oxford for revision  during the Easter vacation before finals

Application forms for these special awards are circulated to undergraduates each January. All undergraduates are eligible to apply, but are required to provde financial information to the selection panel.