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Lincoln College

Lincoln for Life Committee

Ian Brownhill - 2003

Very much the Grandfather of the Committee, Ian Brownhill read law at Lincoln from 2003 to 2006, following which he worked at the Office of Capital Defense Counsel [sic] in Jackson Mississippi and then was the first man to act as the Women Prisoners' Caseworker at the Prisoners' Advice Service. Criminal defence, prison law and civil liberties remain large parts of his practice now as a Barrister at No5 Chambers where Ian is a tenant based in their London Office. Outside of his practice, Ian writes for the 'justice gap' website, is VacProj's honorary legal advisor and is a school governor for two primary school academies that are part of the Harris Federation. 

All too aware of how the Government's austerity measures are impacting across the public sector, Ian joined the Lincoln for Life Fund Committee in the hope of helping to secure funding to protect the quality of education at Lincoln. Ian is a monthly donor to the college supporting the tutorial system, the estate and access. 


Oliver Munn - 2004

Ollie studied history & politics at Lincoln, matriculating in 2004. He devoted most of his time to the JCR, of which he was president in 2005-06, and to representing Lincoln in Cuppers competitions in at least seven sports. After working in the City and earning a masters at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, he's now a management consultant for McKinsey & Company.







Benjamin Tansey - 2005

Ben was at Lincoln College between 2005 – 2009 where he was Treasurer for VacProj, Captain of the illustrious 1st VI Tennis Team, and actively involved in the Lincoln Players and LCRFC. In his spare time he studied PPE. Ben started his career in strategy consulting (McKinsey & Company) and, has since worked extensively in European real estate investment. 



Willa Brown - 2005

After finishing at Lincoln in 2008, I worked politics - for Obama’s campaign, Rock the Vote and the Innaugural committee - before entering graduate school the next year.   I earned my Masters in 2010, and am working towards my PhD in American History at the University of Virginia.  I joined Lincoln for Life to stay close to Lincoln - it was there that I really discovered my love of history, there that I wrote my first essay on lumberjacks (which, it turns out, you can get a PhD by studying), and there that I made some of my best friends.  I know that steep as tuition may be getting, it doesn’t come close to covering the cost of my education or of the buildings and resources I benefited from so much.   So, in my meagre, graduate student way, I want to give back to a place that continues to mean so much to me.  


Sophie Boardman (née Pinn) - 2005

I studied History and Politics at Lincoln from 2005-2008, and very much enjoyed getting involved in the life of the college; as Academic Affairs Officer, playing netball and through several memorable productions with the Lincoln Players. After leaving Lincoln I joined the Civil Service Fast Stream, and after a few different postings (including a year at the London Olympics Organising Committee), I now work at the Department for Business, currently attempting to control excessive ’red tape’ across Government – a job not for the faint of heart.

My time at Lincoln has had a huge impact on my life; not just in terms of what I have gone on to do, but through the friends I have made, and the community I continue to feel very much a part of. I joined Lincoln for Life because I wanted to give something back to that community, and I’m excited by the fact that all the money we raise goes towards projects chosen by young alumni, that we feel will make a difference for current students.


Ashley Walters - 2006

Ashley studied Modern History (as it was then called).  He was also actively involved in College life, including the JCR, Chapel, and the Turl Street Arts Festival.

Since graduating, Ashley has pursued a career in university access, including a second spell at the College as Schools Liaison Officer. He is now Academic Administrator at St Edmund Hall.  Given his personal and professional background, he is particularly interested in the College’s work to admit and support less socially and economically privileged students.


Charlotte Moss - 2007

I read Music at Lincoln (2007-2010) and was a choral scholar in the Chapel Choir. During my time at Lincoln I coordinated musicals in Hall and choir tours, which led me to enjoy event organisation and later Marketing. I was previously Managing Director at marketing agency OscarMike before becoming Marketing Manager at Cass Art, the UK's leading art supplies retailer. I owe a great deal to Lincoln - my friends from Lincoln College will be there for life, so why shouldn't I feel a lifetime affinity to the college that introduced us? I enjoy being a part of the LFL Committee because we can choose where the money we donate goes to.




Tom Daggett – 2008

Tom read music at Lincoln, matriculating in 2008. He was the Organ Scholar during his time at college, and went on concert tours with the choir to Rome, Tokyo, Barcelona and Devon. Tom went on to work in community development in East London, and has associations with Citizens UK and the Centre for Theology and Community. He was since appointed to the music department at St Paul’s Cathedral, where he leads the Cathedral’s music education and outreach work across schools in London. Tom continues his work as a freelance choral conductor and organist, and is Director of Music at St George-in-the-East. He owes a great deal to his time at Lincoln and still pops into Deep Hall from time to time.





Karol Zuchowski - 2008

I read Chemistry at Lincoln (2008-2012). After graduating, I worked briefly at and in a number of roles for different investment management firms. I currently work for Legal & General Investment Management where I am part of a fund management team. In my spare time, I volunteer for Terrence Higgins Trust (a sexual health charity).

Whilst at Lincoln, I enjoyed various aspects of college life, such as being the OUSU rep in my third year. During the years I spent there I made some friendships which will last forever. I am grateful to Lincoln for the opportunities it offered me and I hope to be able to give back in one way or another over the coming years. Having come from non-typical background – I grew up in the deepest depths of Eastern Europe – I think it is very important for the college to reach out to European and international students, especially those who would not normally consider applying to the university in the UK. 



Kevin Smith - 2009

I read Law at Lincoln (2009-2011) and was involved in VacProj, various college sports, and was JCR President in 2010-2011. I'm currently training to be a solicitor in London. Before I came to Lincoln, I studied in the United States, where I saw first-hand how critical it is for alumni to support their alma maters. It's not just about preserving the buildings, although that's important: it's also about making sure that anyone who deserves to attend has the means to do so bursaries and other financial aid. With tuition fees rising and the cost of the tutorial system going up, there are more reasons than ever for Lincoln alumni to include the College as part of their annual giving, and in doing so, help preserve what makes Lincoln special. Our time on Turl Street helped shape our values, aspirations, friendships and careers; even if it's only a little, I think it's important to give something back to help ensure that others can have the same opportunity.



Jennifer Nice - 2010

Jennifer studied PPE and graduated in 2013. She was JCR Vice President, a PPE subject mentor and "official" coach of the PPE football 1st XI.

She is currently studying the Law Conversion and will be starting a training contract with Slaughter and May in 2016.

"I give to Lincoln for Life because having worked in Development I have seen first-hand just how much the student experience relies on alumni donations. I give because I want future generations of Lincoln to access and get the most out of their time at Oxford, as I was enabled to do by previous Lincolnites' donations."



Andrew Jerjian - 2011

Andrew studied for the Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) degree at Lincoln College (matriculating in 2011). He is currently a lawyer at Clifford Chance LLP in London.

As a Canadian, he has experienced first-hand the significant impact that the College can have on its students and alumni through outreach initiatives both in the UK and around the globe. He feels it is important for alumni to give back and help ensure that the College continues to be able to support its mission of providing the best academic and social experience for its students for generations to come.




Fern Lai - 2012

I did maths at Lincoln from 2012 to 2015. In the JCR I did some little bits: Entz Treasurer, Environment Rep and Food Rep. I was also on the Ball Committee for the legendary 2014 Ball. Outside of Lincoln, I spent a lot of time doing RAG fundraising. I now live in North London and I'm training to be an Actuary. I love my new job and I'm having a fantastic time eating my way through Soho.