Lincoln College

Online Meal Booking

Welcome to the Lincoln College online Meal Booking facility.


Online booking interface


The online meal-booking facility is ONLY to be used if you wish to sign up for 

  • vegetarian meals
  • meals with special dietary requirements, eg no nuts or other allergens

OR for all students (whether vegetarian, etc, or not) to sign up for those meals where the kitchen needs numbers in advance: 

  • Saturday dinners
  • Sunday brunches
  • Lunches and dinners out of term
  • Graduates (including Wardens and Senior Scholars) signing up for High Table

It is not necessary to sign up in advance for other term-time meals.

Do not use the meal-booking system to sign in guests for dinner, Monday-Friday, unless they have a dietary requirement. You are entitled to bring a guest to dinner on weekdays, and just need to turn up with them (though make sure you turn up early enough to be sure of a seat).

Remember to sign up by 10am each morning - and by 10am on Friday for any weekend meals.



I'm a graduate student - how do I sign up for High Table?

You sign up using the online booking system - select "STU SCR sign-up" from the meal options available.

As you're probably aware, as a graduate members of College you are entitled to dine at High Table during term-time once a week at your own expense, excluding Guest, Dessert and Sunday nights. You aren't entitled to bring a guest with you, though, unless you're a Senior Scholar. 

Please remember that no more than 4 MCR members, including their guests, may dine at High Table on a given evening.

If you sign up for a High Table dinner you must attend - if you fail to do so, there will be an empty space at High Table; you will also be charged the full price of the meal. 

More detailed information about MCR dining at High Table can be found at the bottom of this page.


Does signing up for a special dietary option guarantee me a place at Hall?

Unless it is a ticketed event, places for First Hall and Second Hall are on a first-come first-served basis. So, although signing up with particular dietary requirements means that a meal which meets those requirements will be prepared for you, it doesn't guarantee you a place - you will still need to ensure you arrive early enough to get a seat.


What happens if I sign up for First Hall, but I'm running late and can only make it in time for Second Hall?

Vegetarians / those with special dietary requirements who sign up for dinner on Sundays-Fridays will be asked to select between First Hall and Second Hall. If you sign up for a special meal to be provided at First Hall and are running late, you can attend Second Hall and your meal will be kept for you. However if you sign up for a special meal at Second Hall, you cannot then attend First Hall, because the kitchen staff will not yet have prepared your meal. However please do your best to attend the Hall you signed up for - it makes the life of the Kitchen and Hall staff a lot easier! 

NB - this does not apply to special dinners, such as Chapter Day - in these instances you need to attend the Hall you originally selected.


Is the online booking system linked to payment? 

Unlike other Colleges, we have made the decision not to link the online booking system to student Battels for the time being. This means that if something crops up at the last minute and you are unable to attend a meal you've signed up for, you will not automatically be charged. However this system depends on good will: if you've signed up for a meal then the Kitchen will prepare one for you, and if you fail to attend then that meal is wasted. The Domestic Bursary reserves the right to charge you for missed meals (especially if you're a repeat offender) ... Likewise, we may well charge you if you sign up for a special dinner (eg Chapter Day) and fail to attend, because by doing so you've prevented a fellow student from attending.

The exception to this is graduate students signing up for High Table - if you have signed up, you must attend, not least for reasons of courtesy.


Can I block-book meals?

Yes you can. Block-booking is a two-stage process, and you need to repeat these two stages for each kind of meal you wish to block-book (ie you'll need to go through the process to block-book Brunch, then repeat it for First Hall, then again for Second Hall, etc).

For example, if you wanted to book in for Second Hall every Friday and Sunday, you'd need to:

  • Go to 'Change My Normal Meals'
  • Go to the 'Dinner' section in the middle
  • Select 'STU 2nd Hall' from the drop-down
  • If you're a vegetarian, select 'Vegetarian' from the drop-down menu in the middle
  • If, on the other hand, you would like a non-veggie meal but are lactose-intolerant (for example), select 'Standard Meal' from the drop-down menu in the middle, and 'Lactose free' from the drop-down menu at the bottom
  • Select the days you want to block-book this meal sitting (eg Friday and Sunday)
  • Select 'Submit', and then 'OK' in the pop-up window

This sets your default preferences - but it hasn't booked you in for any meals yet. You then need to return to the main booking page, and you'll see that a button has appeared at the top saying 'Block-book My Meals'. Click on this, and the meals you've selected will be booked through the system.

If you then wanted, say, to block-book for First Hall on Mondays and Tuesdays, you'd need to repeat the process above, with the appropriate changes of course, and then click 'Submit' and 'Block-book My Meals' again. These bookings will then populate the system.

Please note that the system will only book you in for the dates currently showing as available on the meal booking page, so you'll need to block-book again every few weeks.


MCR dining at High Table: further information

The information given below is a reminder of the entitlements, as set out in the College By-Laws, for MCR members who wish to dine at High Table, with some additional information on costs for 2016-17.

  • All MCR members are entitled to dine, at their own expense, twice per week during term. MCR members are not permitted to bring a guest unless they fall into one of the following categories: Junior Dean; Senior Scholar.
  • The Junior Dean, Wardens, and Senior Scholars are entitled to dine at High Table, free of charge, a set number of times during term; the number of meals they are entitled to is specified in their contracts / offer letters. Any meals that they take in excess of their free meal entitlement will be charged as for MCR members-at-large.
  • The Junior Dean and Senior Scholars are entitled to bring one guest each to High Table. Guests are charged to their host's battels at the standard rate for High Table.
  • No more than two guests may be permitted in total. No more than four MCR members (including Wardens, Senior Scholars, and guests) are permitted to dine at High Table on any single night.
  • The Presidents of the MCR and the JCR are entitled, ex officio, to dine, free of charge, at one Wednesday Guest Night per term as a guest of the Rector, or the Rector's designated Fellow, and in that capacity may exceed the maximum of four cited above.
  • The only nights on which MCR dining of any category is not permitted are those nights designated 'Domus, Guest, Dessert and Sunday nights', which are for Fellows only.
  • 2016-17 prices for SCR dinners are as follows (all prices include VAT, and apply to SCR and MCR members):
    • SCR dinner: £23.52
    • SCR Guest Night (four courses): £32.52
    • SCR Dessert (available on designated Dessert Nights only): £7.50
  • Wine is always charged in addition to the prices listed above. The charge for wine also applies to meals taken as part of a free meal entitlement. If wine is not required, the wine glass should be turned over.

Dress is smart, and you must wear your gown (guests do not need to wear gowns).

Please meet at 7.00pm in the Lower SCR for pre-dinner drinks - access the Lower SCR from the ground floor of staircase III, via the wooden door on your right as you enter from the Quad. 

You will need to sign for any drinks you take from the sideboard either before dinner in the Lower SCR, or after dinner in the Upper SCR.

The Fellows process into Hall from the Lower SCR in order of seniority - graduate students will be towards the end of the procession.

If you are experiencing any difficulty accessing the system, please e-mail me, let me know what meal(s) you want to sign up for, and I will book you in. Thanks.