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SCR Meal Booking

Welcome to the SCR Meal Booking facility.

To use the online meal-booking system, please click on the following link:

SCR online meal booking


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we use an online meal-booking system?

The main advantage of an online system is that those who work in labs or in offices away from College can sign in remotely.

The other advantages are that you can see very quickly who else has signed up for a given meal; you can enter guests' names; it's easier to register any dietary requirements; and we can include menus for special SCR dinners such as Domus nights.


What if I don't have ready computer access, or would simply prefer not to book online?

Please telephone the Domestic Bursary on (2)87 342.

Please remember that meals need to be signed in for by 10am on a weekday, and by 10am on Fridays for any weekend meals.


How do I log in?

Click on the link above, and it will take you to the log-in screen.

You will be asked for your Card Number, and for most SCR members this will be your 7-digit University (Bodleian) Card number.

Your Password will be set as your surname in upper cases (please see information on log-in page about hyphenated surnames).

In some cases we do not have a record of your University Card numbers, so we have used your surname, again in upper case, for the Card Number as well.

Any problems, please contact the Domestic Bursary Administrator, Marlena Ciszek


Even when I do this, I'm unable to log in

Please contact the Domestic Bursary - it may be that we need to update your profile. In the meantime, the Domestic Bursary will sign you in for any meals you wish to attend. 


What happens if we run out of spaces for a given meal?

We've set the numbers for each meal at a level we wouldn't normally expect to reach - but if you do find that a sitting is full on a given day, please get in touch with the Domestic Operations Manager or with the College Butler. The Butler can also be reached on (2)79 807. Please note that the Governing Body agreed to a cap on SCR numbers for Sunday evenings.


Can I block-book meals?

Yes you can. Block-booking is a two-stage process, and you need to repeat these two stages for each kind of meal you wish to block-book (that is, you'll need to go through the process to block-book Lunch, then again for Dinner).

For example, if you wanted to book in for Lunch on every Wednesday and Thursday, you'd need to:

  • Go to 'Change My Normal Meals'
  • Go to the 'Lunch' section in the middle
  • Select 'SCR Lunch' from the drop-down
  • Go to the drop-down immediately underneath 'Lunch', and select 'Standard Meal' or 'Vegetarian'
  • If, on the other hand, you would like a Standard meal, but are lactose-intolerant, select 'Standard Meal', and then select 'Lactose Free' from the longer drop-down menu of special dietary requirements at the bottom
  • Select the days you want to block-book this meal sitting (eg Wednesday and Thursday)
  • Select 'Submit', and then 'OK' in the pop-up window

This sets your default preferences - but it hasn't booked you in for any meals yet. You then need to return to the main booking page, and you'll see a button has appeared at the top saying 'Block-book My Meals'. Click on this, and the meals you have selected will be booked through the system.

If you then wanted, say, to block-book for Dinner on Wednesdays, you'd need to repeat the process above, with the appropriate changes of course, and then click 'Submit' and 'Block-book My Meals' again. These bookings will then populate the system.

Please note that the system will only book you in for the dates currently showing as available on the meal booking page, so you'll need to block-book again every few weeks.