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Senior Library Collections

Senior Library books on shelves

The collection that forms the Senior Library consists of over 7,000 volumes, including 48 incunables, over 4,500 ESTC titles and a number of rare books and interesting collections. Like many Oxford libraries, the Senior Library would not be what it is without the generosity of its benefactors, many of whose names are recorded in a Donors’ Book for the Seventeenth and early Eighteenth Centuries. The first substantial benefaction came from Edmund Audley, Bishop of Salisbury, who in 1518 donated 10 incunables which are still in the collection. The library was enlarged in the Seventeenth Century by two important bequests: in 1657 Gilbert Wat, a Fellow of the College, left  “soe many books as cost me threescore pounds” to be selected by Thomas Barlow, Bodley’s Librarian and Thomas Marshall, Rector from 1672 until his death in 1685, left a substantial library that included 77 volumes of Civil War tracts and a number of Hebrew books. There were also important donations and bequests in the Eighteenth Century from Nathaniel Crewe, James St Amand and William Vesey. More recently, the Senior Library has received a collection of books relating to John Wesley and Methodism as well as 50 books representing the library of Sir Edward Nicholas, Secretary of State from 1641-1649.

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