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Lincoln College

Student Profile, Daniel Bingham

Daniel Bingham, 2nd year Mathematics


I’m Daniel and I’m a second year maths student. I love Lincoln and its fantastic community feeling, it is about the right size to have a diverse group of people but small enough that you feel like you can know everybody fairly quickly.  I really like the variety of societies that you can get involved in, the sports teams will cater to people of any ability so you can pick up and play any sport from football to lacrosse.

I was quite worried about people thinking that I wasn’t very clever when I arrived, but everybody is so friendly that I needn’t have bothered, all subjects have subject mentors that you can ask for advice and the small tutorials means that you can get more personal advice to aid your development.

I chose Lincoln because everyone was so friendly at the open day that I felt welcomed before I had even applied. I also particularly liked how the accommodation was randomly assigned to students, with all students paying the same rate so a good room can be given to someone regardless as to how much they can afford. Since Lincoln provides accommodation for all years of your undergraduate course this means that the students who get the worse (but still very nice) rooms get to pick their second year rooms first, leading to an intense weekend as you watch to see who picks which rooms and who your neighbours will be.