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Lincoln College

Student Profile, Elizabeth Hardy

Lizzy Hardy, 2nd year Law


Having fallen in love with Lincoln during an Open Day visit, I put it down as my preference on the application form and I have never regretted it!

Firstly, I love the atmosphere at Lincoln.  I found trekking around Oxford on Open Days from college to college to be quite intimidating and confusing but when I visited Lincoln I got an immediate sense of feeling welcome and comfortable. The number of people in a year allows you to get to know everyone and the physical size of college makes it seem more like a home than an institution. The friendly atmosphere is enhanced by the fact that college offers accommodation for the whole of your course. This means that I’m always close by to the rest of my year group, rather than having everyone spread across the city.

On top of this, there are various other features that attracted me to Lincoln. If you haven’t seen photos of its library yet, I recommend doing so as it’s stunning! It conveniently has a lot of the books that you will need for the law course. However, Lincoln is so centrally located that the Law Department is only a ten-minute walk away if you do need to venture over for more books.

I also really like the way that Lincoln’s clubs and societies are accepting of all ability levels – it’s very much about participating and giving something a go.

On the academic side of things, I am so thankful that I am able to study law at Lincoln. In my first year, all of my tutorials were in college which meant they were quick and easy to get to. It’s also important to say that the tutors, despite bring incredibly talented at what they do, never make you feel ‘stupid’. Before arriving in Oxford, I was worried that the tutors would expect unrealistic standards from their students. In reality, the law tutors at Lincoln are really helpful and very understanding of how overwhelming Oxford can sometimes be. One of my tutors would even take us on ‘walking tutorials’ which meant discussing our essays and answering questions while walking around Christ Church Meadow with them every week in order to make sure we got some fresh air and exercise!