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Lincoln College

Student Profile, Ella Langley

Ella Langley, 2nd year English


Completely swayed by the enthusiasm and charisma of a Brasenose English tutor, I didn’t actually apply to Lincoln. But looking back on my first year here, I am so glad my application went the direction it did. The English tutors at Lincoln are incredible academics as well as engaging teachers and over the year I have developed a work ethic I would never have thought possible.

My main concern when applying was that, especially for someone hoping to study English at Oxford, I hadn’t really read enough. I soon realised that how you think is what's important, emphasised by the interviews being conducted around unseen texts. The reading lists set over each holiday are really helpful in focusing your work.

At Lincoln, English students are encouraged to select their own essay topics based upon what aspects of an author’s work interest them most. This is fantastic as it means you will always be engaged in the essay you choose to write, and have the power to select what you want to read from an author’s body of work.

Fortunately Oxford isn’t as scarily work centric as I had heard, with plenty of social events and night-clubs close by thanks to the College’s central location (which makes the two minute walk to Tesco feel like an expedition by your second week.) Lincoln is a truly close-knit and supportive community that everyone here feels lucky to be a part of. There is a real integration between subject groups and year groups, with frequent whole college events which always have a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Both the accommodation and food are exceptional, with rooms shared equally so that those with the worst rooms in first year are at the top of the list to pick their second year rooms. Every fresher is also guaranteed an en suite which is amazing when living alone for the first time.