Lincoln College

Student Profile, Helen Collins

Helen Collins, 2nd year Biomedical Sciences


Before applying, I’d never even heard of lincoln. I remember on the open day looking round the much larger, more well-known colleges and feeling like they were all so grand and formal. But the second I stepped into Lincoln I felt at home. Being a small college both in terms of the actual site and the number of students, you get to know everyone in your year so quickly, as well as students in other years. It is such a welcoming college which made it so easy to make friends.

Lincoln offers guaranteed accommodation for all 3 years of your course which really appealed to me. All first years live in college or just across Turl Street, and all rooms are ensuite. I’ve loved being so close to all my friends, as well as only being a minute walk away from our very impressive library! Second years also live in Turl Street, with third years only a 10 minute walk away from college. The central location of Lincoln means you are never far away from anything - you can get to anywhere in Oxford either on foot or by bike in just a few minutes.

Before arriving my biggest concern was the prospect of tutorials, but the tutors instantly put you at ease and I very quickly realised they didn’t want to catch us out but wanted us to improve. Having such supportive tutors helped me improve in confidence in my own work and made the workload much more manageable.

I was also worried that I would feel restricted by being in a catered college, but as soon as I arrived I was very grateful for it! Lincoln food is amazing and it’s really nice to be able to take time out of a busy day to sit down and eat a meal with your friends. Brunch on a Sunday morning is a personal favourite.

Lincoln has a very wide-reaching and supportive JCR, including welfare, LGBTQ and BME reps, and even a Cookie Fairy if you’re having a bad day! There are also a wealth of sports teams at Lincoln, including rowing, netball, volleyball and football which anyone can join in with - they will literally accept any ability (or lack thereof!).