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Lincoln College

Student Profile, Jenna Noronha

Jenna Noronha, 2nd year Spanish


I’m a second year studying Spanish at Lincoln, and have had a brilliant time here so far. I knew that many people had mentioned the friendly atmosphere at Lincoln, but as cliché as it sounds, I couldn’t have expected how warmly everyone welcomed me, right from my first day.

The college family system means that you’re immediately part of a network in the year above you, and the brilliant thing about such a small, close-knit college is that you soon feel a sense of belonging, and it’s easy to chat to everyone in your year group, as well as making inter-year group friendships within the JCR.

Not only the other students, but also the staff and tutors at Lincoln have all been wonderful: the tutors are so understanding of how difficult the adjustment process to University can be, and offer you as much support as you need, and the kitchen staff, scouts and porters are equally wonderful.

A huge advantage of Lincoln is the fact that three meals a day are provided at a very reasonable price (Lincoln is renowned for its delicious food!), as well as guaranteed great quality accommodation for your whole degree: these aspects of college life helped to put my mind at ease.


As I didn’t stay at Lincoln for interviews, I was initially really nervous about arriving, since I was unfamiliar with the college layout and buildings, I didn’t know much about the activities on offer, or any of the other students. However I had no reason at all to be worried. Within days, I began to settle into college life: participating in the college Drama Cuppers, attending college-run Zumba and Yoga, celebrating Oxmas with my friends, the various fancy dress Lincoln bops, and having my first tutorials are all fond memories.

Although I was pooled to Lincoln, I can say in complete honesty that I would not rather be anywhere else: the brilliant facilities and domestic provisions combined with its welcoming, relaxed atmosphere mean it is, in my mind, unrivalled by any other Oxford college!

One of my favourite things about my degree is the mixture of teaching styles, since as well as weekly literature tutorials in college, there are translation classes and lectures, where I get to meet students across the University. It’s nice to feel a part of this wider community, but I always look forward to coming back to college at the end of the day to relax and go out with my college friends, who I feel like I’ve known for so much longer than a year!

Having benefited from a college where welfare provisions were so strong, I decided to run for JCR Welfare Officer, and I’ve now taken on the role. I’m very excited to make an active contribution to ensuring the supportive, open atmosphere at Lincoln goes from strength to strength, being a port of call for freshers, and becoming Peer Support trained so I can give something back to the college.