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Lincoln College

Student Profile, Laila Rizvi

Laila Rizvi, 2nd year Biomedical Sciences


One of the main reasons I chose Lincoln was because it is relatively small with a friendly atmosphere which becomes instantly apparent when you visit it. At first on the open day I thought there was not much difference between the colleges but when visiting Lincoln, I immediately felt at home.

Lincoln is great because it offers accommodation which is relatively near to college to students for all three years (and ensuites rooms for all first years!). With everyone being close to college it allows you to get to know everyone in your year as well as other years quite well which adds to the close-knit community feel.

The college is in an extremely central location so you never have to walk very far to get anything and the food is also amazing with informal and formal being offered every day so you always have a choice. Lincoln’s stunning library also makes doing work a whole lot easier.

I didn’t know many people before coming to Oxford, however the small size of Lincoln meant that it was very easy to make friends quickly.

The workload and the weekly tutorials were an aspect of Oxford which I was quite anxious about before arriving, nonetheless the tutors at Lincoln for Biomedical Sciences are approachable, encouraging and provide you with all the support you need. Tutorials are engaging and thought provoking and the workload which may have appeared to be daunting at first becomes a lot more manageable with the help of your tutors.

Beyond the tutorials and the work, Lincoln is full of various clubs and societies which is a great way to get to know people better and take a break from the work. The best thing about college sport and societies is that you can try something at a less competitive level compared to the university clubs and societies which can be difficult to get into and commit to.

In my spare time I play Netball for Lincoln which is relaxed yet of a good quality making it good fun. Moreover, we also have a great welfare team which always ensure that you are well looked after by doing things such as welfare teas on a weekly basis meaning lots of free food!