Lincoln College


Supporting Lincoln

Lincoln was established in 1427 by Richard Fleming, Bishop of Lincoln. Our founder donated some magnificent manuscripts and other materials, but did not provide an endowment for the College. Nearly all of the College’s subsequent growth and development is therefore the result of philanthropy from Fellows, friends and alumni – and indeed on Chapter Day we commemorate our many benefactors.

In recent times, the generosity of alumni has enabled the College to develop its site, with the Bear Lane, Museum Road, and Little Clarendon Street accommodation all the result of donations. However the 21st century poses new challenges. Fees from students and grants from government do not cover the costs of providing a Lincoln education. In particular, the maintenance of the unique tutorial system, and the desire to ensure that excellent students are not deterred from coming to Lincoln on the grounds of cost, mean that we require additional support. We are grateful to all of our alumni and friends for their willingness to contribute to Lincoln over the years. With your support, we are confident that Lincoln will continue to provide and outstanding education and environment for all our members.

If you would like to contribute to Lincoln this year, please consider supporting our Annual Fund or contact the Development Office for more information.