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Lincoln College

Term Dates

Oxford Terms

At Oxford, the academic year is divided into three terms - Michaelmas, Hilary and Trinity. 'Full term' (the period in which lectures and tutorials take place) lasts for eight weeks. You will often find that dates are referred to as 'Tuesday of 3rd week' or 'Friday of 7th week'. This system is logically extended to the week prior to the start of term ('0th week') and after the end of term ('9th week').

Term Dates

Term dates for can be found on the University website here

Arrival and Departure Dates

You will find that you need to be in Oxford beyond the eight weeks of full term, so please read the information below and arrange travel to and from Lincoln accordingly. Please note that it's not possible to stay in College accommodation after Saturday of 8th week in Michaelmas Term as the rooms are needed for interview candidates.

  • Undergraduate freshers must be in residence by Tuesday of 0th week in Michaelmas Term.
  • Otherwise, undergraduates need to be in residence by Thursday of 0th week as there are usually College exams ('Collections') on Friday of 0th week.
  • University examinations may continue into 9th or 10th week in Hilary and Trinity Terms, so please check if this will be the case before booking any vacation holidays.
  • Undergraduates should leave College on Saturday of 8th week UNLESS you have a good reason to stay up (e.g. exams, revision, coursework, interview helper) AND have applied for vacation residence.

Residence Requirements

Students are required to be in residence for the duration of full term, including weekends. However, you may normally occasionally be absent overnight, with prior permission from your tutors. Please inform the Lodge if you will be away overnight.