Lincoln College

The Kitchen Fund

Lincoln has one of the oldest working medieval kitchens in the UK.  It is a lovely place to work but can be costly when items need replacing or renovations need to be made.  Much of the equipment that was replaced 16 years ago will need replacing soon. We also need a new oven that will need to be especially designed to fit the medieval space. The following are some of the most pressing needs: two fish fridges, a grill and oven and a (not very glamorous but essential) utensil steriliser. Chef is very conscientious of the costs these items have on the College and fixes the equipment when he can but there are several items that may not last much longer. If 100 people make a gift of £25 then we will be able to purchase a new fish fridge. If 120 people give £10 each then we will cover the costs of a new stock pot burner. Many Lincoln students and alumni say one of the reasons they chose Lincoln is because of its reputation for great food. By giving to the Kitchen Fund you can help ensure the Chef and his team are able to continue this tradition of excellence. 

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