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The course

Chemistry is a four year course. Lincoln College tutors or lecturers give all tutorials and classes in physical (Prof. Dullens), inorganic (Prof. Jones) and organic chemistry (Prof. Willis). During the first two years, equal amounts of time are devoted to these three branches of chemistry. In the third year, however, some specialisation is possible. In the fourth year students undertake research, normally in one of the chemistry laboratories.

The Peter W. Atkins Awards

All Lincoln Chemistry students benefit from the generosity shown by friends and former pupils of Professor Atkins. They established these awards in his honour when he retired in 2007.

Each new first year student is given a gift by Oxford University Press of the principal text books for the first year of the Chemistry course. In addition, the Peter W. Atkins Chemistry Scholarships are awarded to outstanding Lincoln College chemistry students. Up to three scholarships, each of 700 pounds, are awarded each year.

Professor Atkins, a celebrated scientific author, was Tutor in Chemistry at Lincoln College for many years. He remains a Fellow of the College

The picture shows an X-ray structure of a highly reactive rhodium acyl hydride species - to find out more, come and study chemistry at Lincoln! [Rh = grey; O = red; P = blue; S= yellow; B = green; Br = light green; C = black; H = white]
The picture shows an X-ray structure of a highly reactive rhodium acyl hydride species - to find out more, come and study chemistry at Lincoln!
[Rh = grey; O = red; P = blue; S= yellow; B = green; Br = light green; C = black; H = white].



To study chemistry at Lincoln we require candidates to show proficiency in chemistry and mathematics. Physics as a third A-level subject is very acceptable - but is not compulsory. There are no written tests for applicants.  Lincoln admits six applicants each year.

When it comes to interviews we are looking for a general understanding of chemistry rather than minutely detailed knowledge. The ability to think and reason clearly about unfamiliar problems is important to us, as is enthusiasm for the subject and a wide interest in science generally.

Please visit the Oxford University Chemistry page for full information.



Jonny Bell, 2nd year Chemistry

As soon as I walked into Lincoln I knew it was the college for me. I was drawn in by the beauty of the buildings and its position right in the centre of Oxford but most of all I fell in love with the warmth and friendliness of everyone there. Now that I’m here I can say that Lincoln is even better than I imagined it would be. The small size of the college makes for a family. It feels like home.

In a more practical sense, Lincoln is the perfect place to study Chemistry. It’s close (but not too close!) to the department and the college provides accommodation all four years so that you don’t have to scrabble around trying to find somewhere to live. The accommodation provided is one of Lincoln’s main selling points. All the first and second years live in college or just across the road, so you’ll always feel part of the college and, most importantly, it’s a two-minute walk to the dining hall for food (which is notoriously good by the way).

The life of a Chemist is busy, with lectures, labs and tutorials but it is certainly manageable and the tutors are kind, friendly and ready to help.

Lincoln is by no means limited to academia and there’s plenty of opportunity to keep yourself busy with others activities. As with any community, the key thing at Lincoln is getting involved and there’s so much choice! Whether you want to organise events, play sports, sing and dance or set up something new, everything is catered for. I am captain of Lincoln 2nds football team, which I think typifies Lincoln as a place where anyone can play as long as you get stuck in, given how rubbish I am at football!

At the end of the day, different college atmospheres will suit different people, but if a small, friendly community sounds like something that would appeal to you then I suggest you come and take a look around Lincoln – you’ll love it!