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Engineering Science


Engineering Science at Lincoln

Lincoln offers courses in Engineering Science only as a single subject and we have six places to offer each year. We offer tutorials in engineering in conjunction with Worcester College, so that specialist tuition across a wide range of subjects is available to an advanced level.  Engineering is a four year course. Further information on the dergee course is available on the website of the  Oxford University Engineering Department

Meet our Tutors

Professor David Hills, Dr Paul Stavrinou, and Professor Martin Booth.  The Engineering tutors are committed to the tutorial system - seen as central to the Oxford educational system.  Class teaching is used, although sparingly, and careful, regular monitoring of students' progress through the course is a priority.

The course

The first year at Oxford often comes as something of a 'jolt' after A-levels.  We emphasise self-tuition and working from text books  - supplemented by lectures.   Tutorials, two per week, are organized by the College and at the beginning each term you will be given tutorial sheets.  These consist of questions designed to cover the syllabus.  Discussion in tutorials is intended to refine understanding and at each stage our emphasis is on understanding work and principles, not merely learning facts.  Students also attend University lectures and practicals.

As students progress through the course they have the option of remaining 'general' or of becoming more specialized as their interests develop.  In the third year they complete an open-ended project and in the fourth year a closed-ended project.  This last project is closely supervised by the Department and contributes significantly to the finals examination.

At Lincoln we emphasise a deepening of understanding of physical principles in the electrical and mechanical sciences.  We make full use of modern technology, but the backbone of the system remains the tutorial, and a good close working relationship between tutor and pupil.