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Lincoln College

Gaudy Acceptances

We are delighted that the following people will be attending the 1977-79 Gaudy on Friday 30 September. If you have not replied and would like to attend, please return your booking form by 2 September.


Richard Ashcroft (PPE)

David Bowler (Archaeology)

David Bridge (PPE)

Stephen Brooks (PPE)

Gregory Cameron (Law)

Patrick Cowie (PPE)

Jonathan Dagley (English)

Assheton Don (Mathematics)

James Essinger (English)

Martin Falkner (Physics)

Alistair Fitt (Mathematics)

Dylan Hammond (Modern Languages)

Nicholas Hilliard (Law)

George Hobica (Modern Middle Eastern Studies)

Martin McKenna (Law)

Nick Morrill (Law)

Jonathan Munday (Physiological Sciences)

Simon Newth (PPE)

Robert Pickering (Law)

Giles Stibbe (Modern History)

Graham Tomlin (English)

Richard Wheeler (PPE)

Marc Wright (English)


Paul Baines (Medicine)

Nick Bamfield (English)

David Bradshaw (English Language & Literature)

Martin Briggs (Law)

Neil Clayton (Engineering, Economics & Management)

David Cocker (Physics)

Tony Cocker (Mathematics)

Andrew Coleby (Modern History)

Stephen Cooke (Law)

Bill Cuthbert (Chemistry)

Hugh Davies (Law)

Martin Dunn (Modern History)

Ian Forrest (Chemistry)

William Frewen (Modern History)

Jeremy Gould (Modern Languages)

David Graham (Jurisprudence)

Peter Lockyer (Modern History)

Moray Macpherson (Jurisprudence)

Philip May (Classics)

Philip Martineau (Physics)

Hugh McIntyre (Physiological Sciences)

Azam Mistry (PPE)

Nicholas Moncrieff (PPE)

Simon Oxley (Chemistry)

Martin Pailthorpe (Modern Languages)

Ranjan Sriskandan (PPE)

Robert Stirling (Philosophy & Modern Languages)

Mike Weldin (English)

John Wraw (Law)


Andrew Barton (PPE)

Jim Bennett (Mathematics)

Simon Bowkett (Modern History)

Keith Carlton (English Language & Literature)

Mark Connaughton (PPP)

Steve Cramoysan (Physics)

Jim Crawford (Economics)

Richard Dain (English)

Elaine Dean (English)

Paul Dean (Modern History)

John Granger (Modern History)

Annabel Haddock (Modern History)

Christoph Harwood (PPE)

Susanna Ingram (English Language & Literature)

Isabel Lancaster (Law)

Lesley MacKay (Modern Languages)

Madeleine Parker (Classics & Modern Languages)

Robbie Robertson (English Language & Literature)

John Rolley (Modern Languages)

Mark Rooney (Law)

Fiona Weldin (English)

David Wilson (Modern Languages)

Roger Wyn-Jones (Law)