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The telethon is a great way for us to get back in touch with our alumni to update them on College news, hear about what they are up to now and invite them to support the College’s Annual Appeal.

Last year the telethon campaign was a fantastic success and more than 55% of those who we asked to support the Appeal either made or pledged a gift to the College. Thanks to the generosity of Lincoln’s alumni community, we succeeded in raising £110,000 in gifts and pledges.

Below you can read about our 2017 calling team.


2017 student caller profiles

Ella Brown

Hello, my name is Ella and I have just finished my first year studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Lincoln. I have really enjoyed the course so far and am looking forward this year to specialising further in Philosophy and Economics as well as becoming a PPE subject mentor for incoming first years.

Aside from studying, I love to play sport and have played both college and university netball. Next year I am excited to captain the Lincoln netball team and hope to recruit lots of first years into the team! I plan to continue playing university netball throughout my three years, and have just taken on the role of club secretary for the coming season.

I have an open mind with regards to a career path after university and am currently researching different summer internship opportunities. I am looking forward to speaking to alumni about their different Lincoln experiences and the paths they have taken after graduating. 


Tom Goldsworthy

Hello! My name is Tom and I have just finished my first year studying PPE. I've loved my first year here and have got involved in a variety of things outside of my degree. I love playing sport and this year am really looking forward to taking on the role of the Lincoln College Football 1st XI Social Secretary. I also play the somewhat esoteric sport of Rugby Fives for the University! As well as sports, I've been involved with a few societies since starting at Oxford. I'm the President of the RAG Ball taking place next term and Vice President of the Finance Society. I hope to pursue a career in finance after graduation and interned at a couple of investment banks this year.

I'm really looking forward to talking to alumni, hearing about their experiences, and sharing news and updates about what is going on in College during the telethon campaign. 


Shazeaa Ishmael

Hello! My name is Shazeaa, and I have just finished the first year of my DPhil in the  Materials department. My background is in  Physics and my current research is in  quantum computing, more specifically using  defects in diamond crystals as the building  blocks of a quantum computer.

 I am also the MCR Welfare Officer this year.  After having had an amazing first year at      Lincoln and meeting some fantastic people, it  only felt appropriate to join the committee  and make sure everyone else felt as  welcome and supported and enjoyed their  time as much as I did.

 Outside of Lincoln, I have also started the  Oxford Women in Materials initiative to  provide a support network for women who study and work in the department and to address the gender imbalance seen across the sciences. We have already had several networking lunches so other women could meet each other. At the end of Trinity, I with the help of a few others organised a “Career Pathways” event, aimed at undergraduates and DPhil students to inform them of early career choices which can lead to careers in science, not solely in academia.

Having experienced first-hand the great events and initiatives which occur as a result of the Annual Fund, I am looking forward to proposing my own ideas. I look forward to talking with the alumni and hearing their experiences at Oxford and how they would like the fund to be used.


Nicholas Linfoot

Hello! My name is Nick and I have just finished my first year studying History. My first year has been amazing, both in my degree, where I have developed a love of modern working-class history, and outside of my studies, where I’ve been getting involved in a variety of societies. I’m currently President Elect of Oxford History Society and am President of UniTED OxMAK, a NGO linking Ugandan development groups with Oxford’s research and humanitarian organisations. I’m a keen horseman and I’m looking forward to getting even more stuck into the Oxford sporting scene. When I graduate I hope to pursue a career in consultancy, particularly in helping governments deliver programs around childcare and education!

I’m looking forward to getting stuck into hearing from alumni, sharing what exciting things are going on in Lincoln and chatting about what an amazing place this is!


Nayra Zaghloul

My name is Nayra Zaghloul and I have just graduated from Lincoln with a BA in English. I am about to begin the MPhil in Islamic Studies at Pembroke College with a research focus on the reception of Islamic manuscripts in Victorian England. I am a dual Egyptian-British citizen interested in art, heritage and museum curation and work as an independent cataloguer and gallery assistant alongside my studies.

Since finishing my undergraduate degree I have worked various jobs in the London art market – from VIP Exhibition Guide for Cartier at the Design Museum's 'Cartier in Motion' exhibit to working in the Islamic department at Bernard Quaritch researching and cataloguing manuscripts and rare books. I am also a Junior Dean at Worcester College this year so I am excited to get involved with two new college communities and see how they compare to Lincoln. I did the telethon in 2015 and am looking forward to reconnecting with the alumni I spoke to last time, meeting new ones (hopefully with similar interests) and hearing about how life has treated them since their studies at Lincoln. 


Sam McPhail

Hi, my name is Sam and I am going into my third year of a CAAH degree. I play football  for the infamous Lincoln Men’s 2nd XI who  finished third in the eight league this season, a  resounding success for a team who had not won  a game for seventeen months before October.  Recently we managed a victory over Old Boys  where our keeper saved three penalties in the  shootout after ninety minutes and extra time  ended 3-3 (I missed an absolute sitter that game).  I am also a member of the JCR Welfare team and  I had a fairly successful stint as Comedy  Secretary in Michaelmas.

 I am looking forward to hearing about the great  experiences alumni have had at Lincoln, and to  raising money to support Lincoln in the future.





William Nathan

My name is William, and I am entering the second year of a DPhil in Biomedical  Sciences. My research examines  the biological cause of a rare,  premature ageing syndrome known  as Cockayne Syndrome, with the  hope that understanding this  disease will give insights into how  normal human ageing and cancer  occur. I will spend roughly half of my  degree in a lab in Oxford and the  other half in a collaborating lab at  the National Institutes of Health in  the US.

 I first experienced Lincoln as a  visiting undergraduate student from  Middlebury College in the US and loved my experience so much that I decided to return to the college during my DPhil. This year I will be captain of the MCR Football Club, as well as a player for the JCR Football Club and College Rugby Club. Outside of College, I am President of the Oxford University Croquet Club and am an avid outdoorsman. I’m looking forward to speaking to Lincoln alums, hearing about their experiences and informing them of all the exciting things going on in College today.


Harriet Ley

Hello, my name is Harriet and I am a third year chemist. I’ve had a fantastic time studying at Lincoln so far and I’m hoping that it will get even better as I begin to specialise in physical chemistry this year. In my spare time I enjoy sailing, singing in Balliol college choir, and coxing for LCBC. 

After university I would like to go into a career in law. I haven’t quite decided whether I want to train as a solicitor or a barrister, but I’m hoping that talking to lots of Lincoln alumni will help me make up my mind.



Matthew Whearty

Hi, my name is Matt and I graduated from Lincoln this summer, with a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. My time at Lincoln has been an incredible experience for me; I'm most proud of my time serving on the JCR Committee as the Access Officer, where I participated in the inaugural Lincoln Outreach Roadshow, but I have also participated in the volleyball and dodgeball teams for the College as a student here.

I'm about to begin work as a transport strategy consultant in London, and one of the things I am most looking forward to hearing about while being a part of the telethon campaign is what our alumni experience soon after they leave the College – how they have kept in touch with the College, and how they have gone about building a career based on their Lincoln education. I look forward to playing a full part in the Lincoln alumni community now that I have graduated!