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Lincoln College


The telethon is a great way for us to get back in touch with our alumni to update them on College news, hear about what they are up to now and invite them to support the College’s Annual Appeal.

Last year the telethon campaign was a fantastic success and more than 55% of those who we asked to support the Appeal either made or pledged a gift to the College. Thanks to the generosity of Lincoln’s alumni community, we succeeded in raising £110,000 in gifts and pledges.

Below you can read about our 2018 calling team.

2018 student caller profiles

Daniel Bingham

I’m Daniel, I am about to start my fourth year studying maths at Lincoln. I am always super keen to get involved with everything at Lincoln, having been JCR three-legged race champion (2016), and JCR tug-of-war finalist (2017), as a member of Lincoln’s 2nd football team I have also experienced my fair share of sporting failures, notably our top 3 scorers last season were not Lincoln students. In 2017 I was the college’s access rep so I have helped at open days, interviews and taken part in Lincoln’s 3 Outreach Roadshows.

I look forward to hearing about what Lincoln’s alumni have been doing in recent years as I consider future careers in most likely the financial or engineering sector after I graduate next year.





Jake Diprose

Hi, My name is Jake and I’m going into my second year of studying Chemistry. So far I’ve had a brilliant time, getting involved with loads of stuff outside of my degree. I have done lots of sport, ranging from ALTS ice hockey and College badminton to getting a Half-Blue in Handball, and of course a bit of croquet. In November I was elected as 1427 Committee President, and it was great to organise various events, including Parents Dinners and the Finalist BBQ. As 1427 President I have experienced first-hand the incredible work the Annual Fund facilitates. As well as this, in the coming year I’m going to be Vice President of the Uni Handball Club, and more notably… The 1st Sea Lord of Lincoln.

In the future I think teaching looks interesting, but I’ve got an open mind about other potential routes. I am really looking forward to being able to talk to alumni, and hearing their stories and experiences of Oxford.


Nicola Ede

Hello! My name is Nicola and I have just graduated from Lincoln after four years studying Chemistry. In the fourth year I specialised in solid-state inorganic chemistry; I’ll be continuing to carry out research in that area next year at Cambridge. I’ve had a brilliant time at Oxford and have enjoyed all the new experiences which come with studying here. In between lectures, tutorials and lab work, I spent my free time doing school outreach sessions for the chemistry department, singing in Balliol Chapel Choir, or running around in the mud with the Officers’ Training Corps. I also worked as an interview helper for Lincoln and had a brief (and unspectacular) stint in the college netball team. I’m looking forward to speaking to Lincoln alumni about their academic and professional backgrounds, and hopefully picking up some tips for my future career.


Katie Holmes

Hello, my name is Katie. I am about to enter my fourth year of my Modern Languages degree (Spanish and Beginners’ Italian). I really enjoyed the first three years of my degree with my third year being a particular highlight as it was spent teaching in Catalonia and Lombardy.

During my time at Lincoln I have been an active member of the JCR, attending meetings and taking on a role on the JCR Wider Committee. As well as this I have been heavily involved in Access and Outreach by being part of the college’s Ambassador Team and working for the college during the interview period and at Open Days.

More recently I have taken on the role of Chair of the Lincoln born charity Students4Students, a charity that provides free 1-2-1 tuition in local Oxford primary schools. Throughout my time at university I have also got involved in the theatre world by leading marketing and assistant directing student led plays.

I am really looking forward to talking to Alumni to hear about different people’s experiences of life at Lincoln and post-Lincoln.


Emma Lalande

Hello! My name is Emma, and I have just finished my first year studying Biomedical Sciences.

I’ve had a fantastic time so far, finding out what I love most in what my degree offers, and profiting from all the opportunities that Oxford provides. The past year, I have played rugby with OURFC’s Women’s’ Seconds team, the Panthers – a great group of people – and I have been learning a variety of Latin dances with OUDS every week too. I have just finished a microbiology-based internship in Perm, Russia, which has been absolutely amazing and given me the chance to learn some Russian!

I am also Lincoln’s JCR President for the coming academic year. I am very excited to have been elected by the JCR, really wanting to represent the welcoming, thoughtful, and engaging community that is the JCR.

Next year, I’m going to be studying immunology, pharmacology, and molecular biology to greater depths, which I find fascinating, and apart from the charms and challenges of being JCR Pres, I really hope I can take part in more College sports.

I’m really looking forward to hearing about the experiences of Lincoln alumni during their time in Oxford, after graduating and now, and sharing news about Lincoln and its Lincolnites nowadays.


Sam McPhail

Hi, my name is Sam and I've just finished a BA in CAAH and starting a MSt in Classical Archaeology. I play football for the infamous Lincoln Men’s 2nd XI who after a stellar 2017 season ending in promotion, resumed usual service and were relegated again.  

Recently we managed a victory over Old Boys where our keeper saved three penalties in the shootout after ninety minutes and extra time ended 3-3 (I missed an absolute sitter that game).  I was also a member of the JCR Welfare team and I had two fairly successful stints as Comedy Secretary.

I am looking forward to hearing about the great experiences alumni have had at Lincoln, and to raising money to support Lincoln in the future.



Benjamin Musachio

My name is Benjamin – I am finishing up the second year of my MPhil degree in Medieval and Modern Languages, with a focus on Russian literature. A hybrid degree, my MPhil began with a taught portion (partially) self-designed and culminates in the second year with a dissertation. I endeavor to write a history of the Soviet Writers’ House of Creativity (‘Dom tvorchestva pisatelei’), located in J?rmala, Latvia. This writers’ colony welcomed premier artists and intellectuals from all across the Soviet Union from 1946-1991. I will continue my studies of modern Russian literary history in the PhD program in Slavic literatures at Princeton University in the autumn of 2019.

As an international student (I hail from Baltimore, U.S.A.), Lincoln College has been my home away from home. I am an active MCR participant and gave a paper on free speech for the recent ‘Lincoln Leads’ initiative, spearheaded by the MCR academic team. In Oxford, I gig around with various choirs as a deputy singer and I hold down a choral bursarship in the Exeter College Chapel Choir. Travelling is a passion of mine – whether on a choir tour, for research purposes, or merely for relaxation, I love to roam around Eastern Europe. I look forward to engaging in conversation with Lincoln alumni and I hope that I can share my passion and gratitude for the College community.


Gayatri Tadikamalla

Hello! My name is Gayatri and I am a medic at Lincoln. I’ve only been at Lincoln for a year and I have had such an amazing time already.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to try a variety of academic and extracurricular activities through the college and become involved in college life. I currently volunteer as an ESL mentor for students and I have enjoyed working with charities such as Doctors of the World this year. I am a part of the Oxford University Karate Club and am looking forward to competing with the university team next year.

I am looking forward to chatting with alumni and finding out about their experiences at and after university. I’m also excited to talk about some of the wonderful things happening in Lincoln at the moment and the fantastic support made available to students through the Annual Fund and other donations.


Candy Yuan

Hello! My name is Candy and I just finished my first year studying BA Music at Lincoln. I have enjoyed getting involved in the college community this year, having participated in the annual Musical in Michaelmas and LCMS (Lincoln College Music Society) throughout the year.

I enjoyed playing for the musical so much that I am now on the committee in charge of producing the next one taking place in Michaelmas 2018. Last term, I was also elected as one of the new Arts representatives and President of LCMS. All these new opportunities and projects are shaping the upcoming year into a very exciting and busy one, and I am looking forward to getting stuck in!

I am keeping an open mind about my future career path and seeing where my degree may take me. It may be teaching, the profession I had in mind since I was young, or something new like Media and Communications which intrigued me during my extended essay research this year.

It will be interesting to speak to Lincoln Alumni and hearing about their experiences during their own time here and what they pursued once they left. The above mentioned projects, particularly the musical, benefit greatly from the money raised through the Telethon Campaign, so it would be great to share information about where the money may go, and perhaps also to thank those who have donated in the past.