Lincoln College


Telethon 2019

Lincoln alumni will be hearing College news from our student callers as they help raise money for the Lincoln Annual Appeal from 23 September 2019 for two weeks.

The telethon is a fantastic way for us to get back in touch with our alumni to update them on College, hear about what they are up to now, and invite them to support the College’s Annual Appeal.

Alumni generosity is essential to the success of Lincoln in 2019. It has sustained the College for centuries, and continues to provide critical support to all aspects of life here in Oxford. Last year the telethon campaign was a fantastic success and more than 70% of those who we asked to support the Appeal either made or pledged a gift to the College. Thanks to the generosity of Lincoln’s alumni community, we succeeded in raising £140,600 in gifts and pledges.

For more information about the 2019 Telethon, or to request a specific time to be phoned contact

Below you can read about our 2019 calling team.

2019 student caller profiles

Alexandra Brown

My name is Alexandra. I'm originally from Sydney, Australia where I worked as an economist at Australia's central bank, and I moved to the UK last year to study the MPhil in Economics at Lincoln. I've had a wonderful first year here. Highlights include attending as many Lincoln MCR events as I could possibly fit in alongside my economics problem sets, learning to row with the Lincoln College Boat Club, and singing with the Balliol College Chapel Choir. I was also elected to be the treasurer of the Lincoln MCR which means lots of spreadsheeting, budgeting and keeping track of MCR finances, and ensuring that the MCR is always well stocked with tea, coffee, biscuits and newspapers.

As an international student, Lincoln provided me with a wonderful community to support me with my studies, and I'm very happy to be part of the Annual Appeal. Also, I've had the privilege to meet with some Lincoln alumni and they had some fascinating stories to tell about their time at Lincoln and what they've done since then, and I look forward to hearing many more.


Kenneth Chung

Hello there! I am Kenneth, a Music student from Hong Kong, who has successfully passed his Prelims.

The past year was the longest I have been away from my home. Lincoln has not only given me a warm home, but also caring siblings and diligent staff. Lincoln was also a portal to a wider world. Programs like the Lincoln Leads initiative and the Lincoln Unlocked lectures enriched my knowledge of the past and present, way beyond what my music course can offer. The College's Music Society also organises weekly recitals, concerts and annual musicals, all of which is made possible by funds from generous alumni.

With this in mind, I am gladly joining the Telethon campaign, as it provides me with a platform to connect with our alumni and listen to their Lincoln experience, and learn how it has accompanied and aided them after they have graduated. There are lessons to be learned from our alumni’s stories, and I am eager to hear them. I would also like to share the wonderful Lincoln experience I had in the past year, and how funds raised by the Telethon campaign made the programs above, and many other projects possible. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Matthew Emmerson

Hi! My name is Matt and I’m going into my second year of studying Medicine. I have had such an incredible time at Lincoln so far, throwing myself into everything I possibly can and loving every minute of it!

In my role as Sports Rep I have organised a number of different events from the first Lincoln-Brasenose Sports Day to the epic table football tournament in Deepers! I am also on the Entz team for next year and am the joint head of Marketing and Sponsorship for the Lincoln College 2020 Ball.

I have taken part in a range of sports including football, lacrosse, netball and hockey! I also picked up rowing, competing in Summer VII’s but missing Torpids (and our first blades in 22 years!) due to injury. Outside of sport I took part in “Into the Woods”, the Lincoln musical last year (playing the show stealing role of ‘the Cow’!), the Turl Street Arts Festival Play and Drama Cuppers.

I am really excited to talk to alumni to hear the memories they have of Lincoln as well as sharing stories of the amazing things that have happened over the past year.


Margot Harvey

Hi there! My name is Margot and I have just finished my first year studying Law at Lincoln. I have loved getting involved in College life this year, as both the Gender Rep and an Entz Rep, as well as in various sports teams!

Alongside my studies, my interest in our college community has led me to holding not one but two JCR positions and also, to become captain of our college netball team. I am also involved in The Isis Magazine, a cross-college student publication, and I serve as the Chair for the SU Project ‘It Happens Here’, so this year is looking to be a very exciting one!

I am keeping an open mind about my future career path and seeing where my degree may take me, whether that be law, as initially planned or elsewhere! It will be really interesting and likely inspiring to speak to Lincoln Alumni and hear about their experiences during their time here, and to hear about what they chose to pursue after university.

The above mentioned projects, particularly my roles representing the JCR in various capacities, benefit enormously from the money raised through the Telethon Campaign, so it will be great to share first-hand information about where the money may go and to ensure donors know how appreciated their contributions are.


Madeline Ketley

Hello! My name is Madeline, and I’m a second-year MPhil in Classical Archaeology; I completed my undergraduate in Ancient Studies and Romance Languages in the United States at Mount Holyoke College. My research interests include the study of pre-Roman Italy and Etruscan material culture. Lincoln’s history in the field of Classical Archaeology is both long and rich, and I am delighted to be part of that tradition. 

As many before me, I’ve loved the warmth that characterizes the Lincoln community, which quickly made College home. I’m an active member of the boat club, through which I have gotten to know both the JCR and the MCR; I rowed for the women’s second eight in Hilary and coxed the Torpids and Summer Eights campaigns for the men’s second eight. I will serve as Captain of Coxes for the upcoming season, and I will also be a Lincoln Link for incoming postgraduate students.

I’m looking forward to speaking with alumni during this year’s telethon and hearing all about Lincoln over the years!


Robyn King

Hello! My name is Robyn King and I have just completed my first year at Lincoln, studying English Language and Literature. I have loved my first year here, and found Lincoln College to be such a welcoming community, which has quickly come to feel like a second home. 

Outside of my studies, I have enjoyed representing Lincoln in Drama, having taken part in Cuppers and then in the Turl Street Arts Festival play. In my second year I will be taking on a committee role with Oxford's First Generation Society, and working for the Isis magazine. 

Being a part of this year's Telethon will be an opportunity to find out more about this community and get to know more about the College. I am really looking forward to getting to know Lincoln alumni and to hearing about their experiences here. I am excited to find out what paths they chose to follow upon graduating. 


Beatriz Santos

My name is Beatriz and I’ve just finished the BPhil in Philosophy (similar to an MPhil, but with a ‘B’ for some reason!). During my first year I expanded my research interests, having worked on the philosophy of language, feminist philosophy, ethics, and logic. I just finished writing my thesis on metaphysics, which argued that the nature of what is possible and necessary is about the localized properties of objects. I had the invaluable opportunity to learn about all of this in great part thanks to the financial support of Lincoln, which I am incredibly grateful for. Attending the events that the MCR constantly put on was extremely important in developing the cherished friendships I’ve made at Lincoln. I was lucky to be around during this year, for the MCR’s 60th year anniversary, having had the chance to get to know and celebrate some of the different generations of Lincoln alumni. I look forward to getting to know more Lincoln alumni, as well as to share my passion for this community.